Night time blabbering 133

I chased the kids in the school yard, played football with them, walked over the countryside, played with toys, chopped some lumber while they had a nap, ran some chores, fetched some stuff from the store, edited a few pages of my novel Dronstad 2, read some posts, not all, because I don’t have that much time at my disposal, shot the shit with some neighbors of mine, went to the playground again, shot some hoops with the boys, bought candy for the young-lings, took the kids to see the chicken, sheep and piggies and now I am resting because my feet want to fall off.

Tomorrow, I will probably repeat everything, but I don’t complain. This day was one of my better ones I had in a long time. I haven’t had time to worry about anything else, but to make these two happy to their fullest. And as a reward for doing it so, I was happy to my fullest. This is how things go, you show them some affection and they will reward you with the tenfold of that amount. Ah, a great day is at its end. I just hope that my feet will have a good rest until tomorrow morning. We plan on going to Sokobanja, which if you are new to the blog, it is the closest town to my village and it is a touristic place with a lot of historical and medical characteristics that keep luring in the thousands and thousands of visitors each season.

This also reminds me of making a post about this lovely place and show you some of its beauty. Will do that, but not any time soon. Now, I am needed at the bedside to read some stories and try not to traumatize the kids with the dragons and scary monsters.

Kitten will remind me about that post, and you will remind the Kitten to remind me.

Dronstad Kitten


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