Dust of Gliza – The Match

I zoned out with the flashes burning into my brain, images of the satellite crash, flames engulfing the monstrosity made of metal, the smoke gushing from its top. The woman of my dreams still screaming in the red light of an Orbiter that was gravitating towards the planet, the horror in her eyes.

“You fool! You wanted to kill me?!” Two of my companions fought behind me and the taller one was strangling the weaker contestant who fired at him.

In the corner of my eye, I saw the Klevians charging at us, taking positions around us while the huge four armed one waited in the back, ordering his followers to take cover.

I sobered up when the knight in heavy suit rose up with a gasp, observing the man he just killed. He turned to aim at me when a Klevian raider shot him dead, the wound fuming with acid burn that made a hole in his chest.

By reaction I threw myself behind the thin solar panel and ducked my head at the incoming shot that bounced from the frame. The knight’s body was catching flames, the ghastly smoke of the burnt wiring and plastic that made me frown at it.

Now I knew why they dropped their charges at the entrance. They had their own ammunition, the fully charged vials of power acid. These Klevians were interested in winnings, not a fair fight and the crowd went wild with excitement.

I broke cover, fired at the left raider while making the run for another cover. The shots broke the panels, shards of it striking my armor, breaking upon contact and slicing my hand.

“Ha, dirty players. Heretics are much worse.” I said it to myself and dashed for the next section.

Their blasters followed me as I hid behind the next panel, jumped over it while firing, wounded the raider and ran up to him. The kick knocked him out and I proceeded to do the same with the other one, leaving the last Klevian standing in the middle.

“Face me human scum! Common, here I am! Come meet your end!” His voice boomed like a thunder.

He fired at the panel and broke it in half. I grabbed the damn thing by the construction and used it as a shield every time the Klevian shot at me. Whenever I saw he will squeeze the trigger, I slid in the dust making the steep angle and bouncing the acid shot aside. I ran towards him, and his eyes became fixed on the mirror reflection of himself.

“Come, die!” He growled, yet this only made me grin at the stupid southern soldier.

I used a steady panel to lunch myself in the air, the chipped glass shield raised over my head, its cusp aimed at the monster Klevian who swung at me .

The sharp thin glass pierced his chest, penetrating deep and breaking over the thick bones. He managed to push me away in the dust, where I picked up a piece of glass and ran up to him. Cut left and right, I made him bleed, fall to the knees and struggle to pull out the mirror out of his chest.

I jerked his head back and slid my blade across his throat, ending the fight. The stadium exploded with rustling cheer, lights flashing everywhere and music salting from above. The last man standing in the arena slowly went for the door to pick his price.

I did enjoyed the fight. Now to fulfill my next task and find a scollar to help me – and I know just the place to look for him.



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