Night time blabbering 130

I am an idiot. Seriously now, I am. Let me explain that. I mentioned I was absent because I was repainting my house and cleaned my furniture, right? So, what happened is that I wasn’t wearing gloves when doing most of the stuff, which has resulted in some minor injuries. For example, I was dusting the rug from my living room and the damn thing is huge. Now, the way you dust something like that, is to hang it on something and hit the shit out of it until there are no clouds of dust suffocating you. And so I did that, but as a consequence I earned six blisters on my palm. Now, the work for the day wasn’t done, so I proceeded onto doing some wiping the furniture, wash the same rug with foam and do some other stuff which included the use of water. As a result to that, my blisters popped out, but I was fine. A small burn when I use my hand, but nothing I can’t tolerate.

A day after, the pain was gone, or so I thought it did. All of the furniture had to be brought in and placed to the original position, and that went fine, which led me to think that this minor thing was healed… Until I was called to help my father with some dry stomp he tried to crack open with an ax. Now, the process of doing that is to jam the blade in the log and hit it with a wooden mallet as hard as you can until the stomp breaks. Get ready for the gore part.

When I landed the mallet the third time, the hard squeeze I gave on the handle caused my wound to split three ways and bleed. I completely ruined my left hand. It hurts when I try to operate with my hand, even when I write. Ugh, such an idiot. Why was I holding it like that, and why did I used all of the available strength to slice the log, I wouldn’t know to say. I am an idiot. Big time.

This made me pause from the editing, so my big plans for today flopped. Tomorrow may be the day I have more chores to do, but I also hope a few good hours on working with the novel. Don’t worry, there’s a new sequel to the story I am doing ‘Dust of Gliza’. But the question I have for you is: Should I turn it to a novel or not?

Kitten is silent on the matter.

Dronstad Kitten


9 thoughts on “Night time blabbering 130

    • I do have a lot of scenes in my head for it and it has a potential. I need to think about it. That means that if I decide to write it, I will have to pull it off the blog and I don’t want to just leave it there unfinished. Hmmm, the troubles of being a writer.

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