Dust of Gliza – Order of Pentagram

Riding on an open road brings undesired contact with nosy peasants, therefore, I chose to ride in the shade of the forest trees I saw in the distance. Here my horse can feed on berries and I can suffer thirst better under the green bubble.

Clank of my armor I hid in the baggage reminded me of who I am, a former Commander of Wraiths in the Order of Pentagram, and that was a sorrow thing to swallow. I was betrayed by the man I trusted the most, and yet I am a deserter. Death will find me soon enough, but not before I find out who I really am.

I was about to hunt down my lunch, when the wind blew a cry in my ear. I slowed down and looked through the bushes of a cliff that slopped down to the plain carved in half by a road. I looked, and there was a tumbled cart in the middle of it, guard’s armor glancing in the grass, woman’s veil flapping on the breeze.

I pulled my bow, elevated the aim and loosened an arrow that passed the rider’s head. He turned, yet the shade gave me cover. He called his friends and they formed a line, staring at the treeline.

“What was that? Must be a boy hunting for rabbits.” The one with a scar grunted and took the broad knife, then he approached the woman and cut off her clothes, but when he took the knee to lunge himself at the damsel, an arrow stuck him dead, black feathers glancing at the bandits.

“Who’s attacking us?!” The rider galloped through, when an arrow pierced his thigh and he screamed riding away where second one knocked him off the horse. “Help me, you bastards!” He called for the men, but third, fourth and fifth arrow ended in his head one following the other in a blink of an eye.

Just when they turned to see the darkness of the forest, they saw a horse stepping out, the reigns, the garment under the horse’s neck, the black boots, shields and armor, then the brall horns on a helm came out and their bones froze.

“Heretic!” The chubby bandit shouted and started running down the road.

“You bastards kidnapped my son!” The tallest one slithered the words bubbling with hate. “Come face me, may you burn forever!” He tempted me with that pounding of his chest, head rose high, calling me out, when I stuck my horse and ran down to fulfill his wish.

Swift death followed after I drew my sword and swung it around. I steered my horse and chased the chubby bandit, ran him down with the hoofs until his head was turned to mush.

There I stood, watching the chart and the ladies helping a damsel to stand up. No, I will not approach them, they will cut their throats before letting me do it, I’ve seen it happen before when riding in a raid, attacking the caravans, looting them for precious metal.

I stood there, letting them see all of my armor, the horse and the blade dripping with blood. I stood a minute longer, and then I slowly turned my horse and  started going away. The news about a Heretic being spotted will race with me wherever I go and that was a signal for me to get rid of the past myself, forget who I was and find out who I really am.


Knight Dronstad


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