Dust of Gliza – Betrayed

The night came, and I decided that I have lingered in the Fa Lon enough. The lanterns burned, their light illuminating the corners of the street from where I could hear the noise of the cheerful crowd in the tavern. I waited for the guards to shift the watch, and the Moon to hide behind the Orbiter, the one of many constructions that looked at the town from the Great Beyond. I tipped my hood and kept moving for the stone gate. Pity, those won’t protect them from the tide of Heretic force that was growing behind the mountains.

I saw a shadow lurking in the street and I knew he must be the spy. I dragged my feet, looking if he had a helper, but he was alone. The tree gave me a place to hide when he stepped out from the dark and swung his head to find me. His blade flashed on the lantern light, and his cautious steps brought him closer to me.

“You must be having a desire to die.” I whispered from aside, and he dashed his eyes towards me, watched me as I came out to face him.

“Nah, that isn’t what am I looking for, brother.” He said throwing his eyes over the shoulder. “Have the Command sent you here to evaluate the town? Is our army near?” He asked coming closer.

“Maybe. How did you know I am not a sell sword?” I looked for guards, but they were not on the walls.

“Ha, that was a hard puzzle, but I knew you were not one of those who get payed to butcher. Only a Heretic is silent enough to dodge the curious gaze of the soldiers and other kind of men.” He grinned, when I stuck my knife in his guts. “What? What are you doing?”

“Getting rid of the evidences. Sorry for ruining your tidy life and putting a hole in your clothes, brother.” I growled and threw him in the dust.

“You. A deserter. The Command will have your head!” He tried to rise, but he just elevated the flow of his blood.

“That’s why I am running. They will never forgive me for killing my whole unit.” I wiped my knife from his robe, when he pulled my hood down and saw a pentagram medallion shining on the lantern light.

“You are a Commander?” He squeezed the words, when I pressed on his mouth, grabbed his neck and twisted it with a cracking sound.

“I was a Commander. Now I am a fugitive.” I said, closed his eyes, pulled the hood over my head and disappeared from the town.



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11 thoughts on “Dust of Gliza – Betrayed

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  2. As I begin to read the story “ From the night came..to I was a Commander. Now I am a fugitive”.
    It has taken me deep into the vast imagination. It’s brilliant 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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