Dust of Gliza – Heresy

The air, water and soil gave us life, gave us the long long life, but it took everything else. I arrived in Fa Lon on a holiday, just when trials were beginning. The children ran around in their jump suits, cheering the executions that will take place when the second Sun rises high enough.

I used time to buy me a mug of mead and look at the gallows from afar. The sandstorm settled yesterday and there were people scrapping their porches. Good, they used metal coating , so it is easier to keep it clean. I shifted my hood back and called the droid behind the bar.

“Who are they going to hang?” My raspy growl haven’t frightened the bot like it feared the bandits I slayed yesterday.

“Apparently some old man who lived on the hill. He was indicted for heresy, sir.” The bot replied in sparking electronic voice, and that was enough of the talk I could handle on an empty stomach, so I gulped down the rest of the liquid and started walking.

I saw farmers firing up their horses, the smoke gushing from an old machine that moved the cart and bags with seeds on it. Rusty old plating won’t protect them from the blades of roaming bandits that lurk in the bushes, but that’s why there were guards near them. They are coming along, so I can’t ask the farmers to be their escort.

The Kingdom was well organized than my scrolls said. It must be that Fa Lon grew bigger over the years.

I leaned over a wooden beam and grasped my sword when the shouting crowd pulled out an old man in dirty rags and tied a rope over his throat. He moaned, groaned and cursed at the hairy people that put him there.

“You bastards! You traded democracy for kratocracy! You forgot of why we are here! You’ll never change! Animals! You retards!” The man cried, his white beard dancing with anger, but the lot only laughed and frowned at him.

“You are convicted of heresy old man. You and your glasses and tubes are not a religious stuff. You should’ve let the army take it when they came to your… your… How does he call that shed he lived in?” The younger guard pointed fingers and looked at his men for answer, but nobody knew what he was saying.

“It is a telescope you idiot! I lived in the observatory. That place is older than a lot of you. You don’t even know what is it for, you morons! My work is important, but you smashed all of the computers I had there. I didn’t killed your guards, they killed themselves when they stuck their weapons in the generator!” The prisoner screamed, yet nobody could understand such odd words like computer or what the damn thing did there.

“Witchcraft! Heresy! They were burned, their hands broken and black marks on their bodies. A witchcraft!” The guards gnashed and gave the signal to the executioner who kicked the box and the man started swinging, twitching for breath, the last one he took.


Dronstad Cyber Knight


7 thoughts on “Dust of Gliza – Heresy

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  2. I love the write up. You have represented the characters, plot and the story structure so well. And, the one thing I liked the most is that you have used a specific action and speech to let readers know what’s happening. 😊😊
    Salute to you for such an amazing write up. 🤗

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