Deep web spider (Finale)

The Council has decided, no aggression will fall on Alf. They will let him live on Earth, as long he doesn’t intervene in military operations and don’t mess with the nuclear silos. It was the last thing agent Sommerland had to explain to an alien life form that lived on the internet and then the agent was let go. This of course didn’t stop Alf from reaching out to Sommerland and chat with him via messages. Those two partook a strange sort of bond that kept Sommerland awake late at night, with a smile on his face.

Anywhere he went, he could see Late Night Hosts doing interviews with Alf, he heard Alf on the radio when he took a ride to work, he saw the news in papers. Even Alf was on Earth for a short time, he already had a fan club, fan-girls that rubbed themselves thinking about Alf, songs and movies made in his honor. It was clear that Alf became a part of everyone’s life and life was much easier with him around.

It is hard to say how many lives he changed with his partake in science, astronomy, philosophy, interpreting an old texts and sharing his vast knowledge on human nature. He became a valuable ally to every country and he knew all the languages.

To some accounts, he was the one who paved the way in building interstellar voyage program and resolved numerous violent conflicts. He socialized with humans that called him their best childhood friend.

Suicides dropped by fifty percents and wars were easy avoidable if he was around. A lot of good happened and humanity gained a new name and a symbol that was called ALF. Sommerland never got the reputation he deserved, but he died of old age, leaving better Earth to the new generations to come.


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