Deep web spider 3

Agent Sommerland had to leave his phone at the door before he got in the room full of people, mostly senators and officials from the security branch. He knew the big portion of them, but only by the reputation and from the memos he received on weekly basis. He wasn’t worried about them, he was well prepared for the briefing, but there were people in civilian clothes. The government hackers.

Everybody sat down and the senior Senator Dullberg opened the platform with informing the crowd on the topic at hand, a potential problem and a threat. The crowd listened, took notes until there came the question time and the agent Sommerland was called to the stand.

He approached the bench and noticed that the whole room was covered with a dark foam fabric and microphones connected to a single yellow wire. This was all made out of precaution, because Alf could track and hear everything that was electronic.

“Agent Sommerland, we have heard the report. We find this very intriguing and problematic. Would you say by your estimations that Alf is a dangerous sort of life form?” A chubby man in a white shirt asked while holding his glasses to the nose bridge, when Sommerland coughed and took a sip of water.

“Um, no. I would not characterize Alf as a potential enemy. He made clear that he is an observer, someone who collects data and runs experiments on them separately from us as a whole. That explains the power surges and the anomalies on the grid.” The agent explained and pushed his lip to a dash, when papers started turning in the hands of the Senator Dullberg that started speaking.

“Can he become violent, agent Sommerland?” The senator leaned towards the mic and begun staring at the agent who gulped down the spit and cleared his throat.

“Well, sir… Um… He haven’t shown any signs of violent tendencies. I don’t believe he is able to hurt anyone. As I said previously, he is here as a scientist, an alien life form that is here to learn about us.” The agent explained, but this was just a question used to walk around until the real question drops.

“When you say ‘us’, whom do you mean by that?” Dullberg added, still holding himself for the table.

“Us, all of us. Everyone. He is in contact with few civilians also. We are picking them up as we speak to question their activity with Alf. We are also making connections with Russia and China to see how much do they know. We are also questioning bloggers on every major site who reported Alf’s existence. Sir, we are on the case. We shut down news about him with a mallet, but it won’t last for long, because he is reaching more and more people.”

“Alright, let’s cut the crap, shall we. Do you think we can win him over and train him to attack or defend the American interest in the world?” A sharp looking senator broke the conversation with his raspy voice and the room fell silent.

“If we give him weapon, then everyone is a target sir. He would wheel a might big mallet then, and there is nothing we can do to stop him. No Chimera virus, nor Trojan virus could slow him down. The only way to get rid of him is to make all countries shut down their internet and servers for a day and swap the old tech with a brand new. Even then he could be out there in the signal. We better make him a friend than weaponize it and see the whole world burn.” The agent was close to rage, but he got to his senses and sat down in the chair where he poured himself a bit more water and with a shaking hand brought it to his mouth.

The floor was dead silent. The conversation and hearing was brief, yet everything was said and became clear that Alf is here to stay. They better not piss him off, because he heard every spoken word.

Someone forgot to remove their watch before entering the room.


abstract-blue-lights Dronstad

Facebook & Twitter social links without any aliens except for the Alf.


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