Deep web spider 2

It took the agent a wink to find himself in a cozy room with a fire place, wooden walls and an armchair with a soft cushion. He knew that all of this was a virtual reality, as he felt the device on his head and the squeeze of gloves. The alien, his interlocutor, was present in the form of a sound booming from nowhere. This only told him that an alien haven’t had a form, just intelligence and knowledge about technology. And the room, the room told the intentions of an alien. He wanted agent relaxed and calm. He wanted the information about the odd world he inhabited.

“Agent Sommerland. I have learned a lot about your planet from the world wide web as you call it. I would like to meet your kind and you are one of the authentic specimen I came across. I find your planet very interesting. I have seen many worlds living in one realm of reality, but not yours. It seems you live in two parallel worlds, one you call reality and the second, the one we are in. What made you set up a new plain for people to live in?” The voice had a suiting and peaceful sound, just like somebody who wanted to appear non-threatening.

“Human kind is a peculiar breed of life. We are capable of making mistakes and feel the wrong of our doings. This world was made for us to escape the realm of real when the reality becomes too tormenting to our soul. It keeps us sane.” The agent responded and took a seat where he could feel the heat from the fireplace, even if the fireplace was unreal.

“Oh, that explains it. But isn’t that contradictory? I’ve seen many places where this world is cracking under aberrational violence. It doesn’t feel that different from the real world. Here I’ve seen killing of numerous foes, and yet they re-spawn so quickly. Here I’ve seen your fascination with human body and something you call sex. And the footage of terror, annihilation, destruction and death.” The alien spoke, when agent smirked and rose his hand to stop the chatter.

“It is all fictional. Those are games that you described and the sex part is also a fiction. That doesn’t happen in real life. I mean it does, but not as much.” The agent said, but Alf jumped in.

“According to my death-life counter, there are five billion people dead and seven billion living people on the planet Earth. The numbers don’t lie. I’ve check the information in thousand places. They all came with a slight variation of the number, but in many cases it is true. I think this information is authentic”

“Well, humans are a complicated sort of life. Nobody takes the deaths in virtual reality serious. It is a program that is thought to behave like that. Those deaths don’t hurt us. Nobody really died in here. The real world is where we can die. And humans make mistakes. We hurt people we don’t like, sometimes we hurt people that hurt other people. I don’t know how to explain this Alf. We do things we are ashamed for, and we also fix things when we can.” The agent spoke in the same manner the Alf did, but now more sweaty and concerned for the well being of the human race if Alf desires to hurt people he didn’t liked.

The Sommerland had to mind his language and thread carefully, because of the future of humanity that laid on his words. In the back of his head, he had a thought and fear from the speech he will give to the Security Council.

This could be a potential problem, Alf living here, on Earth. Such power shouldn’t be allowed to exist, or be used against the humans. At least, he could negotiate and see Alf’s intentions.

He called this sessions the Battle of minds. He must win it.


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