Deep web spider

The agent walked the empty corridor and slid his ID card on the door before he entered the sterile room full of super computer hard drives. He twisted his head about to see the bleeping green light when a technician approached him.

“He is on the grid again. We waited for you, but we don’t know for how long it will be there.” The man with glasses said holding the tablet.

“He? Do we know he is a male?” The agent asked and moved to the main console.

“We didn’t ask, but it appears it writes with male pronouns. As I said, we waited for you.” The technician added following the sound of the agent’s steps.

“Alright. Do the parallel connection. Lets see what is he and what he wants.” The agent picked up the bulky VR glasses and put on the gloves. “Are we sure it’s not Russian? It seems he is familiar with the human rhetoric.” The agent frowned at the technician who bit his lip and gasped.

“It is far more advanced than what we have on Earth. We can’t track his speed. Our monitoring equipment is heating up at every attempt to run diagnostics on it. This could be the first contact with advanced species. Mind your language and beware of the answers you give it. He is on the internet for far too long. He could’ve seen the dark web and all of the things we do to each other.” The man said suspecting the worst case scenario of this meeting, but agent was aware of it from the start, so the agent nodded and turned on the switch.

The long vortex opened before his eyes, light flashing before him like comets passing him by. The room, a plain stretched and there he was, alone in the whole white space without a shadow or an object to see.

“Hello. Is anybody there?” The agent made a step and looked around with his digital face. “I am agent Sommerland. I am sent here as a representative of the United States of America. Is anyone here?” He made another step and then another, constantly watching the place he was in.

“Welcome agent Sommerland. I am delighted to meet you. You can call me Alf. It is an acronym for Alien Life Form.”

There it was, a first contact with an alien. It was not what many scientists have hoped for and it was surely unexpected to see someone using out technology better than us. This feared many officials. If he wanted, he could drive out civilization into the ground, hack our defensive systems, order the mass nuclear war and burn our planet to the last human. He was all powerful, and his desires are yet to be investigated.



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