Stars for sale

The antiquary shop was just under the skyscraper. It was the last testament of an age when the world was unique, a true witness of time. Its brown pillars held a wooden frame of a door that was decorated with dark yellow letters that said plainly ‘The antiquary Shop’.

I wasn’t following the change of time, so I refused to sell the shop or put a robot in my place. Every object on a shelf had a story and it would be difficult to feed the robot with warmth that these objects had.

The doorbell rang and a young couple stumbled in laughing. By the look of them, I saw they were hybrids. That platinum long hair on a girl and thin body couldn’t be the result of natural selection. Everything on her was designed to be in between the features: jaw oval, but not pointy, the cheeks blush, but not red, the lips pout, but not thick – it all had a gentle shape, even the smile.

“How may I be of service?” I asked and right there the voice gave out my old age.

The lad came to the counter, his starry eyes radiating with love for the girl. His fuzzy hair, yet stylish haven’t changed shape when the jolly girl ran her fingers through it. Jeans shorts on her and plaid shirt tied in a knot was something to wear in the summer, so I smiled at their spirit.

“Um, we heard you sell stars. We would like to buy one.” The boy said leaning over the counter and touched the table bell I had lying there.

“Aye, you’ve heard well. Since the Intergalactic Territorial Accord was signed, the Earth was given the whole galaxy to its possession. We have a variety of starts for sale. What did you have in mind?” I nodded and looked at the girl that appeared distant in thought.

“I would like a pink one, with a mass of five of our Suns and M-size radius.” She said giggling and hopped near her boyfriend.

“Ah, you have a good taste. May I recommend the constellation of Platonic Lovers? It is surrounded with a purple nebula and gas clouds that twinkle when lit up by a Spectator star on the rims. The Platonic lovers are a paired stars of pink and red color. They orbit around each other at steady speed and never tried to join. The different polarity is holding them apart, dancing in the void.” I gesticulated with awe while the hologram projected the constellation in shivering signal.

“Wow, that sounds like us.” The boy smiled at her and kissed her head before he got serious and looked at me. “How much is it?” He went for his sleeve to take his wrist out and scan the debit chip.

“Five thousand Stellar Credits, sir.” I bowed and he stopped.

“But that is too much. Do you have something cheaper?” His words discomforted the girl who moved her head aside and looked around the shop.

“Ah, I have a Lonely Princess. It is a bright Super Nova, still bursting with enormous energy. The nebula around it makes it a damsel with a lush white dress, spinning in the Kalia Maxim. It is only five hundred credits.” I switched to Princess star and he then pulled the chip.

“Sold.” He said and they both left with a hologram piece in their hands.

I smiled at them as the girl started jumping around the young man, throwing her hair in the air. Another customer walked in, a man that was running late to the cosmo’drom.

“How may I be of service?” I smiled at him and he twitched his eyes at the hologram with stars.

“Yeah, I would like to buy a star for my wife. Do you have something around six hundred credits?” He asked.

“May I suggest the Lonely Princess. It is one of a kind, but not in price because of the region it is in. Only six hundred and fifty Stellar credits, sir.”

“Sold.” He said in a jiffy and picked the hologram I haven’t had time to wrap in a nice paper.

Everyday was like this.


Antique Shop Dronstad

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