Helions Strike Back

Like a moth to the lantern, I slide to you with both of my swords drawn out. I gaze at your radiant being, enchanted by the sparkling light, bedazzled with its beauty. Stripped of my emotions, my thoughts, I don’t hear for the warnings of my crew calling me to come back. I fall for your promises, I so desperately believe in them and your hands wiggle, luring me in the deadly trap.

My skin is peeling of from my body, burn to ash and disintegrate as I come closer. It pains me deeply, but I tolerate it because of you. And you, my God, you shine like a star, radiating warmth and distorting the air around me. You, my dear, like I know you whole my life and it actually a minute since I saw you.

“The Commander is lost! Shoot him before he links her with us! Shoot him God damn it! Shoot!” The Gunner shouted at the soldier that looks at me in horror.

He sees me gliding upwards to a red specter, the same one he saw in training, the same one that made others crazy and homicidal. It took him a shake to reality to wake him up from that daydreaming and take aim with his plasma gun at me. He must not miss, or the whole platoon can be enchanted by this trick. The energy of a fuel rod started to sizzle before he pulled the trigger and blew my head off.

It only angered the fantasma that shifted to wrath and blared a wave of white noise at him. Gunner was taken by the enemy that was storming the front with dotted out numbers of slanted aliens with black mist that followed them. A full clip was needed to pierce the shell and strike the alien dead, so many had machine guns and plasma rifles that could make damage faster.

They fought until their mothership broke cover and glided in the horizon, clouding the sunrise and throwing shade over the battlefield.

“Call in an airstrike! We got a big one!” The Gunner yanked the boy by the collar, yet he was just about to levitate toward the beast that killed many.

The Gunner aimed at the boy, but rose his hand when a beam of light hit him, and so he too was caught glancing at the light for too long. His feet went off of the ground, he smiled and then he died.


Light-vs-Darkness Helion Dronstad

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