42. Cyber Corps Mascot – the Kitten

In the regards for the ‘Blabbering’ segment of my blog, I bring to you a story of Kitten, a little fur ball that I’ve found on the internet.

It started as a joke, quite coincidentally and it became something that you all like more than my stories. The stats have spoken. I looked for a kitten on the internet and as it happened – a little blue-eyed kitten seemed the cutest in the selection of pictures that popped out. I don’t really know why I searched for a kitten. Maybe it fitted the story I wrote or some meaningless post where I blabbered about something that I felt it needed to be told. The blabbering also started sporadically as something that kept repeating for a month to the point where I decided to actually make a segment I named “Night Time Blabbering”. The purpose of the segment is to show ME, my life and it is the most ‘blog’ type posts on my site. These short texts are a reflection of my thoughts, not necessarily mine per say, but a combination of inputs and my take on the problem. Sometimes, I borrow the narrative from the thoughts of other people and play with that until I get my own feedback and I take that for a spin in my moral values chart. What you get is a product of that brain activity. It sounds complicated, I know.


Kitten changed with the time. I kept looking for other pictures, but it needed to be a grey cat with blue eyes. Maybe I personalized that kitten with my image, maybe there is an instinct that told me to pick that one, I can’t say for sure. Kitten has a purpose on my blog. She is the one who does a punch line and brings in the contrast, but that is the way I see it, can’t make a claim for everybody else.

What I consider the Kitten, is a touch with reality, a safe haven from the journey of a turbulent post and problems that I speak of. She is a military base that provides safety for the returning patrol. Poetic? Yes. She is the poetic side of me; therefore she is an emotional side too. So, now you know how I see myself in the end of the journey, at the end of the day. Under this rigid skin, there is a Kitten, eternally blessed with comfort and ignorance, always looking for answers, but remain safeguarded. She is also a side I am not showing to you, a tactical reserve for when I feel down and vulnerable. Poetic again? Yes.


I named the kitten, the Kitten for comedic reasons; I hope some of you get it. Comedy is an important segment of my life, yet I am not skillful in showing it the right way, especially in the stories. This is another thing I can’t fully explain of why this is happening, so I try to put a line or two about the Kitten and further mask her role with humor in the post.

It is funny I picked the kitten because I don’t have a pet in the real life. Having a pet will be one more obligation I would have to think of, so I avoid having a pet. Frankly speaking, I am more of a dog person. Cats are for the people who are more aggressive, self-centered and selfish, while dogs are friendlier, defensive and looking for a pack to fit in, at least that is what psychology says.


Maybe it is a cultural thing; because of the Slavic that see wolves as a holy animal, so taming them and making them pets is something that made dogs. You can learn a lot about a person just by looking what they like and naturally pick to associate with. We chose people, animals and objects that resemble us, so it is very strange of why did I pick a cat as my blogging muse. See, comedy.

I don’t really know how to end this post. I feel there is a lot more to be said, a lot more to be shared, so ending of this post should not end with a final line, but maybe a new beginning, a hope for this journey to continue. I give you a reason to march on my Brothers in Quill, my Commanders that stand with me side by side. I give you my words, my thoughts – myself.

Dronstad Kitten

Therefore I bring this post to an end.

Hello. I am Nenad and I am happy to meet you. This is who I am. Welcome to my blog.


14 thoughts on “42. Cyber Corps Mascot – the Kitten

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  2. This post is really well written:) I mean…do u remember I’ve told u you’d be fun to read if u’d write a non-fiction 😄? Your fiction is good too, but non-fiction gets more ‘curiosity’ and ‘interest’ from people. Anyway, that’s what Amazon says 😂
    Can’t show the kitten to my dogs…Daisy would fight with it 😅
    But understand the meaning of “cat” on ur posts

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  3. I did wonder why the kitten never grew up.
    I like dogs (I get to be pack leader) and cats (where I have to be one of the minions – it’s a lesson in humility).
    I like to share my fruit trees with the birds, but I don’t like to see them caged.
    I like things to be what they were meant to be, but with an outlook to the horizon, just to see …

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