Bishop takes the Queen

Early morning, Samantha approached the bench where I sat with the chess pieces lined in a starting pattern. She moved her grey coat aside and took a seat, gasped and looked at me.

“If we are seen together, it will make ripples in the system. We are supposed to lay low until this Russian hunt stops.” She smiled with the red lips and let the breeze play with her blonde locks.

“Ministry of Justice is at your service. You can decide whom will you let go over insufficient evidence. Two of our higher ranking sleepers were released from captivity, but you’ve let your ‘mailbox’ be taken at his work. He was gunned down by the police. I presume it was by your orders.” I pulled the first move and opened the game, but she knocked the king and forfeited.

“I am not into games anymore. You’ve broken the rules. The NSA played the warning loud and clear to the foreign diplomats. Half of our forces are being deported back to Mother Russia. You don’t think that this will make the job more complicated?” She smiled and by her covering the knees with the coat and crossing her arms, I saw she was unwilling to make this conversation last. “You are dangerously close to me. MOD will be worried about their Generals meeting with people who operate domestically. It will raise attention on you. If that happens, I must end my attachments with you and that will leave a dozen more body bags after you. Don’t you realize that this is jeopardizing our mission?” She frowned, but not like she meant it – it was another game she was playing with me.

“You’ve jeopardized yourself Sinovia Nikolaievna,” I grunted and pointed my gun at her. “Your time has ended. With you out of the way, your helpers will rally on me and MOD will surely reward me with a promotion to a Five Star General. Sorry, but this is coming from the higher echelons of GRU. I am to take the west coast with this and hold it in my hand until further notice.” I added rising up, while she looked at me with ease and blew the steam in the morning chill.

“I already agreed to give my life for Mother Russia. This is a painless death in comparison to what will I suffer if I go back to my mother’s arms.” She said cracking a smile. “Shoot General. Complete our mission.” The words were interrupted by a short bang.

I looked around and disassembled the pistol, then I tossed the parts in the lake and came to her. I saw her lying there, her pale skin and red lipstick. With a fast move, I covered the gunshot wound with the grey coat and grazed her blonde hair.

“The mission must continue, ‘Queen’. Your sacrifice for the Mother Russia will not go unrewarded.” I said and left while there were no people jogging in the park.

 Warning Betrayed


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