The Temple of War 2

When the last soldier exited the temple, that veteran punched him too and the whole army gathered to hear the words of our leader. He stepped on the ledge, holding the holy sword in his hand, his eyes traveling over the men, banners and servants that packed the carts. The words he said to us were encouraging and familiar to our training. He ended the speech with our maxima “We bring order to chaos” and told us to move out.

The hundred thousand Kalatrians started marching for the foreign realm of Gorgoth, a realm so unfamiliar to us we wildly fantasized about their forces. According to Nanur, a messenger of Talia and the number of troops he hired for war, we could expect a great resistance and long combats in the unknown terrain.

Even so, our leader hoped for his armies to get more skillful, more proficient and better trained in the arts of war. We adapted to every situation, to every fighting style and held the military doctrine at the highest level, but we were not the invaders, we considered ourselves the bringers of pease.

“Isn’t it funny how they’ve sent only one messenger to negotiate the terms of service?” A sharpshooter on my left said more to himself rather than looking for a conversation, but I granted him that time-wasting amusement.

“It is very odd, I’ll second that statement. He never said why they are fighting Gorgothians. We are about to enter a foreign lands in two weeks. I guess that is enough time for us to see what is going on before the first blood is spilled.” I said holding the pace with the rest of the marching column that was headed for the sunset.

I wasn’t eager to say everything I had on my mind, because I doubted the words wouldย  fly freely and pass the ears of those that were instructed to keep their eyes on for deserters and mongering soldiers that could undermine the orders.

We marched to the unknown.



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