The Temple of War

To a wanderer, the temple was a useless rock in the middle of a dusty plain surrounded by the blue rocky cliffs.

A couple of guys were chatting behind me, waiting to get in the ruistic temple. I couldn’t see much this far from the entrance because the sea of hair trimmed to the exact length that danced before me.

“Did the Master Vestment came to the altar?” The guy turned me in the spot.

“I don’t know. I can’t see.” I replied, but he moved his head about, nodded and looked over his shoulder.

“They must be debating with the Nanur. If he pulls his offer back, there will be no war. Goddess knows they need help. Gorgothians will decimate them on the first day. If you hear something, let us know.” The man tapped my back and went back to his unit.

Just a minute later, I heard a manly roar in front of the temple and a wave of energy spilled over the crowd. The Master Vestment has arrived and ceremony has begun and crowd started pushing to get in. Some guys bickered and threw punches when a soldier stepped over someone’s foot.

Finally I was at the stairs. The Royal Guardians with feathers in their helms let me pass and held the army back until the Master Vestment finishes with me. I climbed the stairs, passed the statues made of bones and skulls of those that once served our army. The walls full of craters let the light fall on different angles and shine over the enemy shields we used to make the floor.

“The Goddess summons you. Lo the all powerful Kalasia, you who collect souls of the brave, protector of those that fall, the mighty Goddess of War. We bring you another servant, another soldier to do with him as you wish. We bring you one more soul to take care of, one more child to be guided to the right path” The black Vestment spoke looking through the hole in the ceiling. “Kiss the sword son.” He bowed to tell me that and when I kissed it, he told me to hold it up and point it at the sky. “Lo, he accepted your grace, he accepted to be your weapon, your shield, your will on Earth. May he fight valiantly and grant him a heroic death.” The men said and a Royal Guardian inside the temple threw me out the other way.

I shook the dust off of my cape, resentful at the whole process I hoped to be more honorable. I stood up and then some veteran soldier punched me in the nose the hardest he could. He knocked me back to the ground and threw a talisman at my chest.

“Here, don’t ever lose it. Hide it somewhere. If we catch you without it, we will slit your throat. That is your shield from the wrath of Kalasia” The grey-bearded veteran said waiting for another soldier to be thrown out of the temple.

I looked at the man who stood above me, gathered my pride from the dust and left to join others that regretted their becoming the soldiers of Kalatria. At least we could now focus our anger on Gorgothians that made war with the Kingdom of Talia.



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