Stillborn (Full)

The ship I stole from the last raid on our world was enough to glide pass their checkpoints and get close to their mother planet. Luckily, the ship had had the envoy markings on it so nobody dared to stop me without necessity. Even if everything ran smoothly, I couldn’t shake that feeling I was entering the wasp nest and about to do something really stupid.

“Welcome, Sir. We haven’t expected you for another two years. Your visit wasn’t properly logged in our system…” The planet’s foreman spoke, his huge grey eyes shimmering with confusion.

“It is a sudden inspection, of course, you will not see me coming. This is the way we see the reality of our forces and operations without you jumping in and showing us what you want us to see. Show me the troops that guard the planet.” I commanded and started walking like I’ve been here many times before and soon the foreman corrected my mistake because I was headed out of the base.

He led me to the corridors full with weird glowing orbs hanging like grapes on a vine. There were soldiers, all of them female and in sterile suits. These gals were carefully working with the orbs size of a medium watermelon. I tried my best not to look surprised and wonderstruck with the construction that rose a few stories high into the ceiling where mist modulated.

“These are our Incubators. We have a full army in preparation. The officers’ units are settled to your custom design. DNA alterations with a foreign species are oddly working well Sir. These placenta shells are able to breed twice as bigger units than we did the last time. It is a valuable upgrade to our factory. If you would like, we can carve up one of the specimens for you to see their organs. It is truly a sight to see Sir.” The foreman spoke enchanted by the work that was done around this place thanks to the frequent kidnaps performed on Earth in order for them to learn about the human body and brain.

There was another thing for us to teach them because they couldn’t learn it for themselves. I was to teach them about the soul of a human, the one thing that couldn’t be seen, touched, examined and altered like every organ they harvested from us.

“No. I’ve seen enough. For an eye that knows what to search for, one glance at this facility is enough. I see everything is in order. Unfortunately, I am running low on time and I need to check on the outer parameter and see the movement of our troops toward the Earth. Ugh, an awful place, but rich with water.” I shook my head and foreman smiled at me.

Just when he turned around to lead the way, I stuck a syringe in one of the veins that ran on the floor. With a smile, I started following him and hoped I would not need to return to this place.

I plagued their facility with something that has a long incubation period, just enough for their soldiers to grow up, board the battleships and reach Earth where all of them will just fall dead and give us weapons to advance against the invaders.


After the initial panic attack has passed, the solitude of the spaceship came for me. Blood started coming in my face and cold sweat took over my forehead. I could feel my heart trying to get out, escape the thoughts that were spinning in a tornado.

I felt guilty for what I’ve done and nothing could convince me it was a good deed. With a needle in my hand, I looked at that thin piece of metal and wondered “How something so small can annihilate a planet?”

My future was unclear. Maybe my people will celebrate me like a hero, but I knew what I did. I was well aware of my actions and if my society won’t punish me, my brain will take care of that.

The reality was grim either way. I was a baby obtained by the military and stamped as ‘stillborn’ in the nursery papers. I never met my biological family. The team of generals broke us and rebuilt us to an Iron Garrison, an army made of steel nerves – Stillborns.

It all came to that old riddle we laugh at when we were young.

“If you kill one person, you are a murderer.

If you kill ten, you are a serial killer.

If you kill hundred, you’re a madman.

If you kill thousand, you are a terrorist.

If you kill ten thousand, you are a General.

If you kill hundred thousand, you are a President.”

I wonder what are you if you kill a million?


I took pills to postpone the thoughts of the things done and went sleeping in my cryo-chamber.  The alarm was set off when I approached the rim world where my mother base was located. The boosters gushed and entered the defensive atmosphere where I was intercepted by the fighter jets and escorted to the landing site.

“Welcome home, Commander” The pilot showed me his thumb and broke off the formation before the engines changed their tune and my descend begun.

I exited the saucer and looked at the Proxima Centauri that smiled at me. I haven’t noticed that my legs were carrying me towards the squad of men in tactical uniforms and a General in a luxurious suite.

“Report Commander. Is it done? Have you accomplished your mission?” The General did not bother to rejoice my return nor he wanted to smile prematurely.

“Aye. I injected the virus into their war machine. Estimated troops that will be destroyed with this actions is roughly five billion Replicants, General Sir” I saluted, but exhausted from the trip and he nodded not wanting to dribble me on the first hour I got back.

“Great. Just in time. We elevated our production line for five hundred percent. Now we will make five times more clones than we did before. If the Replicants re-bounce from this strike, we will have a proper army to fight them back. Someone must be out there in numbers to take over their battleships.” The General prompted a smirk and started to walk away with his hands crossed behind his back.

He drifted in his mind, forging a new plan to make armies and see how to respond if plans go south. I was one step behind him, looking my brothers, identical clones built on Earth and sent here to await the Replicant Destroyers. Sometimes I wonder who is worse in this war, the Replicants, or humans?


The next few weeks, I was deep in the paperwork, trying to note down every second I spent on the foreign planet. For that time, I became invisible to the higher ranking officers. Not even soldiers that were under my command paid attention as they used to. It all crumbled beneath my feet.

I re-lived everything over and over again, like a bad dream. Passed few days, meds stopped working so I had to deal with it in the old fashion. I started drinking and had long sunbathes to remove that feeling of depression. Proxima Centauri was a bright star, much like our Sun, but more warm and hospitable towards the rim world.

Nobody noticed my current state, my mental torment, my brain whispering “Murderer” in my ear. I wished for the painful agony to stop, but such a thing didn’t happen. I felt like all people that mattered have already justified the death of countless aliens and moved on, while I still hanged by a thread off a history bound to be forgotten like it wasn’t that important. Their lives and suffering was invisible. Everything was a muted cry, a screaming in the deep black hole where nobody is listening.

I wanted to go back to their world and wait on for the plague to take us all, but I couldn’t sneak out of the base and get my hands on a saucer. I cried myself to sleep last night and woke up after fifteen minutes. I haven’t closed my eyes after that.

Silence, I wanted the silence, the peace in my mind, the peace in this universe, the peace in general. The barrel of my blaster looked so appealing in the sunset where Proxima slowly disappeared behind the rim worlds back to power up the solar panels and give us some sleep. That’s when my blaster flashed, and peace came for me.

Clones Dronstad

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