Stillborn 3

I took pills to postpone the thoughts of the things done and went sleeping in my cryochamber.  The alarm was set off when I approached the rimworld where my mother base was located. The boosters gushed and entered the defencive atmosphere where I was intercepted by the fighter jets and escorted to the landing site.

“Welcome home, Commander” The pilot showed me his thumb and broke off the formation before the engines changed their tune and my descend begun.

I exited the saucer and looked at the Proxima Centauri that smiled at me. I haven’t noticed that my legs were carrying me towards the squad of men in tactical uniforms and a General in a luxurious suit.

“Report Commander. Is it done? Have you accomplished your mission?” The General did not bother to rejoys my return nor he wanted to smile prematurely.

“Aye. I injected the virus in their war machine. Estimated troops that will be destroyed with this actions is roughly five billion Replicants, General Sir” I saluted, but exhausted from the trip and he nodded not wanting to dribble me on the first hour I got back.

“Great. Just in time. We elevated our production line for five hundred per cent. Now we will make five times more clones than we did before. If the Replicants rebounce from this strike, we will have a proper army to fight them back. Someone must be out there in numbers to take over their battleships.” The General prompted a smirk and started to walk away with his hands crossed behind his back.

He drifted in his mind, forging a new plan to make armies and see how to respond if plans go south. I was one step behind him, looking my brothers, identical clones built on Earth and sent here to await the Replicant Destroyers. Sometimes I wonder who is worse in this war, the Replicants, or humans?


Dronstad soldiers5

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