Stillborn 2

After the initial panic attack have passed, the solitude of the spaceship came for me. Blood started coming in my face and cold sweat took over my forehead. I could feel my heart trying to get out, escape the thoughts that were spinning in a tornado.

I felt guilt for what I’ve done and nothing could convince me it was a good deed. With a needle in my hand, I looked at that thin piece of metal and wondered “How something so small can annihilate a planet?”

My future was unclear. Maybe my people will celebrate me like a hero, but I knew what I did. I was well aware of my actions and if my society won’t punish me, my brain will take care of that.

The reality was grim either way. I was a baby obtained by the military and stamped as ‘stillborn’ in the nursery papers. I never met my biological family. The team of generals broke us and rebuilt us to an Iron Garrison, an army made of steel nerves – Stillborns.

It all came to that old riddle we laugh at when we were young.

“If you kill one person, you are a murderer.

If you kill ten, you are a serial killer.

If you kill hundred, you’re a madman.

If you kill thousand, you are a terrorist.

If you kill ten thousand, you are a General.

If you kill hundred thousand, you are a President.”

I wonder what are you if you kill a million?



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4 thoughts on “Stillborn 2

  1. I get your point, but I think that one is a murderer or a terrorist or a serial killer based on the psychological motivations of the murder, not (necessarily) the number …

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    • I agree but society classifies them according to the number of lives taken. And depended on the motivation in a ill mind, different people have different goals, so your statement and opinion is valid. We both agree on this. 😀


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