Dronstad fun facts

I wrote the first part in the year 2014 and soon after that I wrote two more sequels in the year 2015. The story is settled in the country with no name, in the city with no name and focused on a character with no name, but that changed in the edit so country is known as Mithria and the one city is mentioned named Agra. I haven’t specified the continent where the plot is taking place.

The whole setting is placed in the country that was founded by the mercenary forces and refugees that were once captured in the ‘no man’s land’. Driven by the urge to survive, the country was born. Think of it like the birth of ISIS, just without terrorism and more of the Third World war that enveloped and abandoned a multicultural society aside. Rage, anger and vengeance is a drive that made country strive for power and grow rapidly by providing military assistance to the countries that had money to pay for the dirty and dishonest work where their (USA, Russia, China, India, EU etc.) hand must be preserved clean and without the stains of blood on it. This only led to a further growth of Mithria and paving a path to their own destruction. A rise to Superpower in the theater where we already have Super States, was a motion that couldn’t pass unnoticed and therefore every threat must be stopped at its base of origin. This attempts of course failed to perform to desired outcome, which only made these Super States a target to a new Super Power that is now coming in the full heat.

All of the things I said so far is just a pretext to what the novel is telling in ‘real time’ events that follow the character with a phantom mask on his face. As everything is happening in the cloud of mystery, the heavy fog covers the capital of Mithtia where the hero lives. The history of the Capitol, Agra and Mithria are well hidden from the civilians, mimicking the real world where WE as citizens of the Earth know very little about the politics that decide the course of actions in out behalf. A phantom (balaclava – ski mask) on the hero’s face is there to hide the features of the hero and ergo give YOUR face to his likable persona. The story is written in the first person and worldbuilding is semi-present to extent to catch on with the basic outline that is hidden in a thick fog.

The timeframe in which the whole things is developing comes after the revolution followed by a civil war that grew in the all out proxy war of mercenaries and Great Battle for Capitol. Nobody won the fight, but civilians still live in the city, but now divided between the gangs and the mafia cartels that run the metropolis turned to ash. The hero of the story, is in his own way, is searching for the answers that caused all of that to happen. It’s like the whole state just crumbled within itself and became a graveyard and pit of misery. He knows very little about the world he lives in and he constantly learns about the Super States and Super Powers that created this mess. Despite this mystery drive, the story is not adventurous and epic styled, but rather a slightly depressive and mind bending piece of writing. It is hard to pinpoint the genre of the novel because it is a mixture of nanopunk, cyberpunk, apocalyptic, mystery, action, futuristic and contemporary fiction all in one.


First, I need to start with the name. Dronstad – the way I called this novel, is a fabrication of two words Drone and Stad. I believe we all know what drone means, so let me explain the second one. Stad is an added word to place names, originally used by Nordic tribes in Scandinavia. Stad means something like the state, the place, residence, so DronStad is a place of drones, robots, machines. The name of the novel also has a double meaning, because the full name of it in my native language would be Dragon Stadium. Dragon, a mythical being and Stadium that translates to a ‘stage of development’. What this Dragon Project is about shall remain as a mystery for now. The coined name from this two words represents the combination of epic and futuristic. If you think about it, it is a clash of various things, mashed together with a hidden meaning that opens up only if you’ve read the book. The name should’ve spark the interest for the novel, and I can only hope that I gave you a crave for reading it.

In the novel, the city is divided between the gangs that hold different parts of the city. They are at war. The main gang I am talking about is called Black Dragons and their troops are referred to as Wyverns. This gang is made by the whites and it controls the center of the city, while beneath them is the infamous Underground, a mafia controlled maze of tunnels and underground garages. Inside the Dragon gang, there are frequent clashes and it is sort of irony for a gang made of white folks to be named after a Japanese spy organization that was active during the Second World war. Fun fact about the organization is that it was made by the white agents since it was hard for some Asian to blend in the rationally baren states like communist Russia, white Europe or USA.

The rival gang is of course made out of blacks and they are called Dreyfus Guerilla. Their troops are known as Panthers and they seriously hate the whites. Their fight is something that is talked about as a fight between black and white, good and evil.

The North is a fraction held by the rich people, those that built Mythria and raised a plasma wall to defend themselves from the deadly virus that plagues the south. The color of the northern uniform is white to symbolize purity and freedom, while the far south is made out of mercenaries that came to conquer the Capitol. When we talk about mercenaries, we all get that ‘black ops’ sort of feel so we usually connect them with evil, dark, shadows and just plain wrong feelings.

If you would zoom out for a minute, you could see that clash of white and black, good and evil, north and south, caucasians and negroes. But if you zoom in, you would see the fog, a grey place, concrete dust, white fog slithering over scorched black ground. You would see that even there are colors, everything falls to a grey area, a toxic and confusing storyline that is constantly mixing and clearing in the next moment. The challenge is to see the colors again, to draw a clear border, a line between those two. This is what I was trying to do. It’s all an illusion, a cluster of problems and monotony that we live in – a mirror image of reality.

The characters names are carefully planned and each name has a meaning in their native language. This also describes the personality of the character the hero meets on his way. To explain this even more, I will give you an example: Ja – Long Fang translates by meaning to Like a dragon Blade, or Sigurd Sverreson translates by meaning to Guardian The wild son, or Givon Ben Zev translates by meaning to The hill The son of Wolf. Nothing is by meer coincidence and everything has a meaning and all of it is symbolic.

The technicalities

The novel has six chapters, each chapter counting forty pages with partial paragraph that opens up the scene and fills the missing part and in some manner makes a mysterious cliffhanger that will be explained in the next chapter.

Each ten pages of every chapter has some big event that is important for the plot with informations that bring the storyline more clear. These big events form a relationship carrying a bigger information that is crucial for the history/hero/plot.

The scenes are written in a way where it would be easy to follow the development of the plot and give an easy way to be re-written to a scenario for a movie or a scheme for making a video game. The fractions are explained in a simple way to comprehend the lore. I even clarified the way the higher ranks are being formed and the technical requirements for a soldier to be upgraded so that is one of the useful informations for the game developers.

Gangs of Dronstad

The Intent

I have implemented various shocking scenes of violence and brutality, so you can expect a lot of gore images that I am now trying to tone down a notch in the editing because I don’t want my novel to stand out just because of them.

I wrote about decaying corpses, the smell and disgusting image of torture. There are a few scenes of rape, a violent abuse of a person and vile humiliating that will stir up your guts. All of these things are now being moderated and molded to somewhat more acceptable images. Of course there is a context that gives the intro to those scenes and I made sure there is a conclusion to them.

My intent was to challenge moral standing and try to make the reader really question his own principles regarding violent acts. The more you think about it, the less you understand it and the more you are closer to that violence. It is like a magnet that attracts us to our primal instincts to hurt each other and that is what I try to understand. How far will you go to protect your loved ones until you become mad, become a monster you are fighting? How much can you withhold and suffer before your mind breaks? How far is the boundary of humanity? These are the questions without an answer.

Would you like a taste of this problems? Here is a simple mind game.

Violence is bad, correct? Let’s say you easily answered that with a Yes.

If someone attacks you with a knife and you have a gun, would you shoot the assailant?

Again, the easy answer is yes, right?

Will that make you a murderer?

Even it is understandable that you acted in self-defence, you actions will still make you a murderer, so the answer to the question is Yes, you are a murderer.

This way, you justified the violence, so does this make you a hypocrite? How can you be against violence and in this simple scenario support it? Doesn’t this bother you?

Let’s make this even more interesting. Would you still shoot if the person who is attacking you is your best friend? Yes? No? What about if the person stabbing you is your lover? What about if the person that tries to kill you is your child? What about if that person is your pregnant wife?

Would you still shoot, or would you let it happen and die? What is more moral in these stories? Is your life more valuable than others?

See how easy is to get confused. The novel Dronstad is only looking for answers. I think I’ve said enough here. I won’t confuse you anymore. This is just something that I dedicated my writing to, even if I try to remain sane and hold my moral values up to a standard of logic and reason. The lines can easily be blurry, but we need to keep our eye on it and still find the difference between the good and the bad. Some evil can do good and some good can do evil. We still live in a grey world and sometimes I think it is better that way, because that is a common ground of black and white. See, there is one of the answers. The point is that you need to find your own.


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24 thoughts on “Dronstad fun facts

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  2. This is quite the analysis and breakdown, impressive.

    I hear what you are saying about murder. If you go by definition, murder is the “unlawful” taking of another life. So depending on the laws of your land, taking someone’s life in self defense would be considered lawful and so not murder. But it really is just semantics, isn’t it? We tend to invent words to justify what we want to redefine and manipulate. If I was placed in a position where I had to kill for self defense or the defense of others, I think I would feel like a murderer. Whether or not it was justified. For the majority of human beings, taking another life is far out of alignment with their beliefs and values. So it would take a particular type of person, either naturally or through conditioning, to not feel some degree of remorse and regret.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. That’s why I write about war and violence. It is scary and yet thrilling to get in the mindset of someone who is able to commit a great violence and seek for approval of it. 😀 It is one thing that keeps tormenting many. That’s why there is PTSD. It is very interesting to get familiar with it. I will save these words because they align with my moral standings. Thanks Chad. 😀 You made my day.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Such a profound description and it sounds so interesting.

    The novel has six chapters, each chapter counting forty pages with partial paragraph that opens up the scene and fills the missing part and in some manner makes a mysterious cliffhanger that will be explained in the next chapter.

    And loved the title, Dronstad;a fabrication of two words Drone and Stad.
    So happy to hear from you.😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg! That’s one the hell of the writing ✍️ I’ll tell ya! I mean ur book…u def “planned” it well! Seems like everything has own purpose there!! Hope it will be published or filmed! Yo! ✌️👏😃

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey you! Things are getting really interesting here!
    I get your point about violence but everything is a question of nuances in life… one also acts out of instinct and self defence is the priority to me… but I get you!

    Liked by 1 person

      • It’s just me questioning everything. I accept the world as it is but I have a feeling something is wrong, not in place. Maybe that’s my nerves playing with me, I don’t know. I don’t quite understand people, you know. I don’t understand how and why people turn so violent and if you look at the history, you can see far more violence than what is happening now. Am I making any sense? 😀 It’s my brain again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You do make sense.
        I am not sure I entirely agree with you about violence and history. If we look back in time there were manifestations of violence on a daily basis and people were “used” to it. Still, they were fuller conscious of true values. Nowadays violence is also our common “meal” (literally if you think that news are always on at mealtime… and most of them are extremely violent), but are we still that conscious of true values?

        Liked by 1 person

      • This is what I try to find out also. I am afraid I am growing numb toward the news and violent reports. It seems only few people actually care about what is happening in the world. I think our media is overly saturated with those sort of news so we had to grow a thicker skin and turn our heads away in order to keep some sanity. I like the way you are thinking. You provide me with a valuable points of looking at things. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, that’s why I made this blog. 😀 Just when we unite under single goal, we can achieve it a lot faster and with better results. See, it pays off to have an army. 😀 Haha, wait a minute. Army? Aren’t those used for violence? Oh, God. At least we know you need an order to fight the chaos. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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