Dronstad Q&A

As I promised, here are some questions and answers. I tried my best to give an explanations to the questions you posted me. If you have some more, I would be delighted to answer them too. So, without wasting time, here they are,

Stella asks: What do you do when you are not blogging?

Answer: I mostly doing editing on my novels and collection of short stories. Lately that is what defines my life. During summer, I am working on a family farm, work in the potato fields, collecting hay and other village type stuff. Blogging is a hobby for now, but I do plan on going with it as a business and monetize it, but those are just plans that may happen in some future.

Soiba asks: How do you beat writer’s block?

Answer: The best way to deal with it is to write regularly and have a discipline in writing. If you end your writing day with a cliffhanger, it is easier to continue tomorrow because your enthusiasm with the story you write won’t abandon you. I also do a hardcore thing and that is to write forcibly and just plow through the block. You can also use „title managing“ to spark your creativity and just make a dozen titles for the stories you plan doing, but then write those that shake up your imagination the most.

Michael asks: What’s your best piece of work?

Answer: I am too subjective about this, so my answer can’t be the correct one. I would say I like Ramgorian Mind Games the most, as that is one of the most original thing I’ve done in a long time. I do have hopes that my novel will be the best piece I’ve done, yet I write everyday so the next thing I would write in the future can easily overshadow my beginnings. The time will tell.

Joseph Beech asks: Would you rather fight 1 horse size duck or 100 duck size horses?

Answer: Hmm, the challenge would be to take on the horse size duck, but hundred horses seems easier. This is the number game and it is better to have one opponent instead of hundred. Tactically, it would be easier to face the one horse size duck rather to divide your attention on hundred duck size horses.

Also, horses are not able to fly or gave that much of a ‘horse power’ that small, so using your legs to kick them would be much easier that evading the wide beak of a duck. It all depends on a weapon I am allowed to have. If I would to face my enemy bearhanded, I chose fighting the horses. Their bone structure is far easier to crumble with a kick that something sinnery like a duck.

I would fight the horses.

The real question is, why would I fight the horse sized duck or hundred duck sized horses?

Dronstad Kitten

So these are the questions and answers You had for me. I look forward in answering more of them if more questions arise. I hope this gave you some satisfaction. If not, do ask whatever you want beneath this post.

Stay well my Commanders in Quill. March on and stop for no one.

Here, have some links where you can post your questions too. Facebook & Twitter


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