Defiance of the few (+18)


I could see the death squad coming for me. Their uniforms marched for the old warehouse, wind and smoke following them. The rebels were getting away through the back door because the basement was full with refugees.

– Run. Ildocians have no prisons for a reason. You won’t live to tell the truth. Run now. – Dea pleaded, but I smiled at her like to a stupid girl and touched her beautiful face.

– I will buy you time. They will kill me, but if they catch you, they will do much more to you. All they leave is a mess and I don’t want you stained with their crimes. You leave and tell the truth. – I kept smiling and saw the tears in her eyes forming up.

She was at the door in a second. She gave me a look like she wanted to speak, but she nodded and ran away. Half my way down the stairs, the soldiers stormed in, their guns fixed on the corners.

– If anything, you rebels are good at running and hiding. – the Colonel smirked at me, then he pointed to the doors and boxes lying on the floor when soldiers saluted and dispersed to check the space where wind blew in strong.

– Our army may have laid their guns before your feet and our president got arrested, but country will fight you to the last men. – I said and looked at him giggling, when his men stepped around me and pointed their guns in my head.

– You’ve mistaken this war for a fight between nations, when this is a fight between monsters. It is easy to call the rebel a terrorist and fire away. As long we have influence in the world’s political theater, we will use it to mold the world to our needs. You know that very well, you led a political movement once. – he smirked and looked around without guilt for his crimes.

– There is a trail of bodies that keep following your path. One can run so far until the justice catch up with his deeds. – I spoke with dignity and looked at his peasant face that knew for no honor and modesty.

– I am not afraid of that. Skeletons don’t frighten me, my friend. It all fades to ash. – he widened his eyes at me to highlight the grim smile that wasn’t getting off his face.

– Then the ash of our bodies will rise and smother you as you take breath. No matter what you do, we will haunt you… Friend. You drop us in the river, the water you drink will poison you. You bury us in the ground, our soldiers will germ out from the soil. You lose. – I said and spat at his face where he took a moment to wipe off his face and swinged his finger at the man behind me.

I haven’t seen the man’s hands, the wire enveloping my throat. I just felt pressure that wire made against my skin, the squeezing and hot breath that blew in my ear. He bought me down on my knees and my image started to dim in the corners. The breath, the air I tried to take, but I couldn’t. I felt the wire slicing in my flesh, tried to swallow spit and made faces at the Colonel.

The end came fast, but my people escaped his hands once again. My death will not pass in vain. Stupid Colonel, he doesn’t know this will spark the call for arms and magnify our numbers. He doesn’t know he signed his own death with this, a death ten times messy that what he did to his enemies.


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