Ghost Soldier (Reuploaded)


The march lasted for days as we rushed to Zaria. Heavy fighting along the way made us careful and suspicious, but we had to move. We lost our commander yesterday, but the goal was to get to the city and help them repel the invaders. To gain speed, we had to drop all of the things we would not need for combat.

– Our last mule died. – a friend spoke kicking the metal machine that just lost its power to walk.

– It lasted us for so long. We will soon follow her, if don’t reach the city. – I said catching breath.

– Whose bright idea was to take us on a death march? – friend paused and looked at the clear sky where the Sun burned his face to a lobster red color.

– We were told to engage the incoming force. They were raiding villages in our reach and left inland when we came in pursuit. Motherfuckers are fast and nimble. You saw what they did to Tadmir and Ivilion. If Zaria falls, the whole war is lost… Keep moving.

Fire broke off at the head of the column, raised our eyes up in curiosity, then the platoon charged forward to catch up the line that kept rifling the distance.

– Ildocians!!! – one of the scouts shouted pointing at north, which was strange for Ildok to come from that direction.

Nevertheless, we stepped up the pace and filled the small hill by the whole stretch, lining our blaster on the top edge. Bursts of fire were destroying our cover with each bullet breaking the rocks and throwing dirt in eyes. Strong yelling consumed the repetitive flashes, when a Zarian war cry came from the opposite side. The platoon stopped firing back, and one of our men rose the flag, showing the friendly colors.

Riffling gradually stopped to a dead silence. There were no volunteers to exit the cover and approach the hostile position where we couldn’t find a trace of Zarian uniform. I stepped out, feeling tired of this walking and losing and went out there like an angry general to find out what is going on.

I thought it was a lost unit from the siege or a pack of deserters that left the “Big Battle for Ildock”, but it wasn’t that. What I found out was that one of our boys in the middle had a heat stroke and the others thought he was gunned down by an enemy sniper.

The first line though we were ambushed by a stronger enemy force, so they returned fire. We were battling the imaginary force. We had to implement the obligatory rest schedule and start a night’s watch which slowed us even more, but we didn’t fought any imaginary army again.



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5 thoughts on “Ghost Soldier (Reuploaded)

  1. This is really a great chronicle and its beginning is giving a thorough insight. And the writing is describing a particular event in a factual and detailed way.

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome. Just want to ask you something.😀 How to create the character’s backstory and determine their relationship to other characters?

        Because I think, it’s the most difficult task. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm, that is a hard question. If we are talking about blogwise, I do usually have like 5 type of personalities I tend to use. The thought I use to form every character is “Everybody is complicated and everybody can be an asshole and in the other scene show mercy”. It is similar to life, if not a copy of our society. My stories are telling stories about that kind of people. Someone always needs to be stupid or act like an idiot so the hero can show what makes him a hero.

        If we are speaking about the novels, you can build characters much more in detail and show how they think. To tell stories about them, you need to have one personal trait they are good at (courage, smart, sadistic etc.). These people will use every chance to show that trait and will act based on their trait. They use opportunities everytime and don’t hesitate to act if the odds are in their favour. Plans always go bad, and hero is there to dave the day. Always pose that people are people and different from other people, so it won’t matter if they are women, men, children, gay, strait etc. Also, it depends on the age of character. Kids act like kids, men act violent and swift, girls like to think too much before they act. Of course, you can mix those traits to get a unique character like smart kid, courageous woman, shy man, stupid old lady etc.

        I am not professional at this, so I will advise you to find blog post and books that explain this question more than me. It is all in personality, survived traumas and environment where the characters lived in. That makes them who they are and bring the unique feel when you meet them.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow! That’s a profound description of characters. I like the way you create characters and their backstory in your stories. And yes, having one personal trait can help a lot to develop a character. Actually, that’s a secret recipe for creating a brilliant story. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. And yes, will also read to the blog post and books.😊

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