Behind the stories I write

For those that are here for some time, I would like share some stuff about my creative work. Even you read a lot of me in the blabberings, I don’t go that much into process of making the stories. Now, I am not a professional and you shouldn’t obey my words like the law, but maybe they can reveal some useful aspects of writing.

If you read my “short stories” segment, I am sure you already found out the imagination I have. It is the most important thing to a writer. It doesn’t matter if one writes about daily life, non-fiction, fiction or anything else. Imagination is what survived the childhood while we grew up to adulthood that has no interest in fictional world that only young can make full of colors. Am I getting spiritual here? Sorry.

The process of writing a short story that works for me is to firstly make an intro to the real deal of the situation. You need to introduce your characters with the reader and also make a be mysterious as that is the drive that pulls the reader to find more stuff about the hero. You also set up rules and show the path from one event that led to the second one, the second being the culmination of the story.

This is of course hard to do from the get go, but you get to see the pattern while gaining skills. It always gets easier, so quitting is not an option. After you set things in motion and your character is on the move, you bring in the problem, and the best problem for a hero is a villain of the story. Now things can heat up and escalate to the culmination.

For epic culmination, you can use some reveal of the true villain goals, or show a long battle, or even the moment people overcame the struggle and became victorious, or all of that and make the best story ever. It all depends on your imagination and your liking. After the culmination, it is recommendable to highlight the message of the story, end it with a punch, but not with mystery because the story look incomplete. You can also use comical or dramatic ending, leaving your reader with unsettling emotions. If anything, it will bring you laugh if not put a smile on the reader’s face.

So, what would be the message of this post and the story? Well, all you need to know is



Facebook & Twitter social links I snatched away from the Kitten, a mascot of 42. Cyber Corps of Dronstad Army.

And some stories I retrieved from the Kitten.

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