Bank Robber

Just when I was to make my move, police tackled me and dragged me away. After an hour drive, they carried me inside the police station and locked me in a dark room with little light that pierced the bag on my head.

They let me sit there for a couple of hours. Probable they wanted to break me, let me contemplate on what I wanted to do, sizzle in my own mind. Sill, I was decisive not to tell them what was my plan.

I heard a door screeching and steps that came close to the table. In one move, the bag fell off and a strong light blinded me. It took me a minutes to adapt and see a camera, a red light blinking and two shadows walking around me. I knew what is going on the second I saw a man rolling up his sleeves and smoke of a cigarette.

– We were onto you for quite some time. – the raspy voice of a man came over my shoulder while the other guy looked at a file, – Did you seriously thought we wouldn’t notice you lingering at the door, sizing up the place? You can kiss your ass goodbye. – the man circled around my chair, blew smoke and stared at the back of my head.

– It’s not what you think. – I responded, when the other guy mounted his leg on a chair and leaned over his knee to take a better look at me.

– Well, gee you must be real dumb to even think of attacking the World Bank. So, what was your plan? To run in there, scare some people, rob the bank and ran away? We have everything about you in the files! – the guy yelled and started reading, – You are a delivery boy. You started working for the paper company five months ago. You have a dog and a cat. You moved here two years ago from Mithria. You live in a small apartment with a shower in your kitchen. If you ask me, this is a clear reason of why you wanted to rob a bank. You really must be hating your life, do you?! Admit it! You wanted to rob a bank! – the man pointed his veiny arm at me and slammed papers on the desk.

– No, no, no. I never went there to rob a bank. You wouldn’t understand. – I made a puppy face, but officers frowned and walked around like vultures, – I was there to do something else. I am ashamed to speak. – I bowed my head aside, when the first officer crossed his hands, suspiciously watching at me.

– We also have cameras from the bank window with a clerk telling us you were acting awfully strange lately. She raised out attention, so don’t try to wiggle out of this one mister. We are onto you. – the man spoke somewhat threatening,

– You’ve said that already. I wasn’t there to rob a bank. – I kept repeating myself, but the didn’t had ears for my apologetic words.

– Alright, cut the crap. Tell us why were you there. – the smoker said joining his partner on the other side of a table.

– Well. The moment I started doing regular deliveries to the World Bank, that clerk you mentioned. She was really lovely. Always smiling, always nice to me and did you saw how hot she is? Man, she is so smart, and has a great sense of humor. I mean, she is everything. Today I was to ask her out, but I haven’t had courage to do it. That’s why I acted so suspicious. I just couldn’t make a full sentence, so I kept mumbling when around her. – again, I bowed my head where a pause gave them time to think of what I just said, where soon after that they both cracked in laughter.

After few more minutes, they showed me the way out where officers in the station sent me on my way with whistling, throwing some catch phrases and just hideous laugh. Feeling ashamed, I walked down the stairs and went home.

Tomorrow I will be searching for a new job.


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