Gods don’t bleed (Finale)


We had to move and find Helion before that creature does some damage. The last time we had Helions visit our planet, he created a sect and used it to bring slaughter of those that defied his reign. Some other sects were created in process that looked upon those aliens as supreme being worth of worship, but reality is they were nothing more but butchers.

Lucky for us, Helions were most powerful in close range, a sort of “must see it to believe it”. Some also compared Helions with Christ, because only those that were close to Jesus were the only one’s loyal and believed in him. Some also speculate that the whole religion was fabricated as a deterrent to stop Roman Empire of spreading due east, but those were speculations.

Walking down the trail, we came to another set of footprints. We followed them further into tayga and saw a glowing man heading south. I took out my spotter laser and took cover.

– Bear One to base. I have a target in sight. Requesting an aerial strike with the following coordinates. – I spoke to radio while the rest of the team waited me behind the mound.

Soon two Su-34 came in and released their missiles on the target. I could’ve swear that Helion looked at me before a fireball consumed him. Either way, our planet was a little bit safer.

I returned back to wait for a helicopter to take us home and found Dadan trying to put the babe to sleep, but for some reason the little one objected that. Dadan offered him milk, changed his diaper but nothing worked.

– Helion is dead. – I breathed out the words and made a smile, when the team nodded and got back to their meaningless weapon maintenance.

– Guys? – Dadan raised our attention, – Is it me, or this baby is glowing? – he asked and it was true.

A shiny orb was growing from the baby’s head, a radiant light making shadows behind us.

– Kill it! Kill it now! – someone yelled.

– But, it’s a baby! – Dadan yelled back and rocked the baby to calm down.

– Make him quiet! Make him quiet. – I jumped in and stopped the charge at the helpless thing in the Dadan’s hands, – We will take it to the base. They will know what to do with it. – I ordered and held the angry men away from Dadan that turned around to protect the little thing.

– You know what will happen to the damn thing. They will carve it out to see what makes him tick! – man shouted in my face, – That’s an enemy. – he pointed at Dadan’s back.

– That’s why they were coming here. – our sniper spoke in awe, – They are looking for the baby. A messiah, a promised one. – he continued, his jaw touching the ground.

– Stop speaking bullshit. It’s a baby, nothing more. It’s not a messiah and this is not a second coming you idiot. It’s an alien. – I slapped his helmet to snap back to reality and approached Dadan.

– Dude. I know this is changing you in so many ways and you’ll never be the same man after this, but you need to let go of the baby and think of humanity. Give it to me. I will take care of it. – I said and Dadan unwillingly handed me the glowing child.

I had a great decision to make. This wasn’t an ordinary baby, and we had no idea of what was a right thing to do. Soldiers, we have no answers of how to react to these things, that’s why I had to give this baby for analysis and hope they don’t kill it.

Maybe someday, this could be our ambassador to the world beyond, maybe this was our God and Hell is close by.



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