Ildock’s Black Ops


During the day, clashes tested our defences. We had spontaneous firefights with an enemy that wanted to break our line and push inlands, but we stayed our grounds and fought them as they charged. Then the night fell down.

For hours, there was no outpost calling in, no screams in the darkness. Our thought got chaotic, doubt and suspicion rising by the second. Fires burned, but no warrior dared to stand near it, because it might give out his position and an arrow could find him.

Our King knew his tent will be the one mark on the battlefield that Zarians will try to attack, so he was on a constant move until he came to the outpost I was in. He stopped and looked across the burning fires, seeing shadows passing among the trees and an unintentional reflection of a blade in a hand of his footman.

– Mobilize the Dred Guard. The silence is bothering me. Many things happen in the shadows. Let us not lose a war over night. – King moved his long black cape and gave a meaningful gaze towards the front line where bugs sang their songs and jackals howled, while his second in command nodded with a grunt and rose his hand.

Out of the darkness, a group of men dressed in fur came down and pushed around the burning logs. They poured water on it and embers hissed. With a corner of my eye, I saw them reach for the ash and cover their faces with it. A fair amount was coated on the shinny weapons that made them black as the night.

My vision adjusted to the emptiness where Moon traveling in the sky gave us some glimpses of the spacious plato dividing our two armies. In running steps these men left no sound behind them, only specters in the night that scared our troops as they couldn’t see what was going on.

My order was to stay put and wait for further instructions, and command haven’t changed until morning. With a break of dawn, I went back to our camp for breakfast where I saw Dread Guard cleaning their gear from ashes and blood they spilled. I never saw them return.

– We are to cross the field and march to Zaria. Get your things. We move out as soon the King’s tent is packed. – one of my friends alerted me.

– So soon? But the Zarians? – I pointed at the plato, but my friend giggled and laid his hand on my shoulder.

– Rest your mind from it. The field is clean. – he said leaving, his smirk close to a thunderous laughter.

I was never so frightened in my life. I learned not to fool around with the Dread Guard.



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