The Photographer – Drifting Shadow (Finale)

Dee Kay, Roy, Chad and Sofia went to get hold of the situation that erupted in the town’s square. Everybody listened to Sofia, as she was an authority that couldn’t be challenged easily. It will take them some time to calm down the civilians and erase the unfortunate event from their minds, while Ray got busy with extensive task of following signals of social medias and deleting the content that spoke of our action. It wasn’t too demanding of her to do that as her powers couldn’t be rivaled. With a gentle moving of hair behind her ear and a bat of her eyelash, she could cut through any computer and see the dirty secrets of some government. That’s why we moved her to a safe location and left few gifted agents to protect her.

Matt, Alyana and I moved down the street where she sensed a gifted one hiding. It must have escaped when all of the comotion ensued. We had a positive idea it will show up here, where journalists took photos of a prominent speaker Piper Pierce. She stood for art and mutual tolerance which drew a lot of attention of other artists. The crowd that came to see her was also carrying cameras, so that was the time our person of interest could freely use her gift and not be judged for it.

– It went here. – Alyana pointed and rushed in the corner where Matt and I followed.

We entered an alley, a place where even cops would be scared to enter without a back up. Trash lied at our feet as we passed the stench of feces. Alyana wasn’t stopping, her eyes rolled backwards as she chased the horizons, magnifying the images and following a shadow that led us deep into the hood.

At one point, she stopped before a door where we saw a girl sitting in the corner, running through the images on her phone that illuminated her sid of a face.

– Hello! I am Alyana. Can you tell me your name? – our latest operative smiled, her hand extended towards the girl that glared at us.

– Leave me alone. – girl said and got back to the images that were too fast to see clearly, then I stepped in.

– We are from the Obioma Organization. We are here to help. – I tried to smile, but when I was met with the girl’s mad eyes, I gulped my spit and pulled back.

– Explain this. – she showed me her phone, images of the event that took place moments ago, but from our vision, – Everytime I take a photo, it’s from someone else’s point of view, and it’s never a nice thing. Do you have any idea of how many horrors have I witnessed? – the girl almost screamed at me, when Matt approached her to try using his persuasive gift.

– We know. We heard all of the police calls that stopped home violence and brawls in the city. We knew it’s someone gifted as violence decreased by twelve percent. That is a good job. We would like to prevent much bigger crimes from happening and we need your help. – Matt radiated some warmth at the frightened girl in the corner, a thing I’ve seen many times before, – Now, what is your name? – a warm smile passed his face.

Ankita. – the girl spoke and took Matt‘s hand.

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52 thoughts on “The Photographer – Drifting Shadow (Finale)

  1. Wow…a perfect series..and an awesome finale…the real talent is that u took so many characters and gave them equal importance and managed all their roles so well…
    Waiting for similar series…

    Liked by 2 people

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