Drifting Shadow (Full)


Plane soared the sky, splitted the clouds and zoomed through the air to get us to our destination. Chad, our pilot was one of a kind, as his skills were rivaling the fighter jet veterans. He managed to get us in a “no-go zone”, evade radar tracking and reaches the point that seemed ungettable on the horizon.

– Wake up. We got job to do. – Matt‘s palm shakes me to reality and I run my hands down my face to get to my senses.

– Was I gone for long? – I ask, not wanting to turn around, but I hear his breath and rustling of his uniform.

– Not as usual. You left us for two minutes. You can take your meds now. Don’t let the visions consume you. It will be a disaster. – he spoke calm and ready for the mission that was ahead, – Our locator shows we have another gifted one in the area with our men surrounding the place. We need to recruit it for the Obioma project. Our systems don’t show its power, but we can see it is a strong individual. Maybe even stronger than Kimberly. You know what havoc she created last time. We had to put her gift under control or the whole east coast would pay the price. We need to be careful. – Matt spoke worried about what awaits us, then I lit my cigarette and blew the smoke so weak and tired that he understood what that meant.

Chad gave us a signal from the cockpit and we hooked onto the line. Plane door opened and we jumped down on the street, a dusty and rustic corner of a town where most buildings stood silent and without anyone in them, just us and that mysterious person.

With a rapid search of our surroundings, I stepped forward and Chad lifted the plane to relocate to safety. Matt obviously wasn’t in a hurry, his tablet showed him where this person was, hiding in one of the houses at the end of the long street.

Out of shadows, Roy stepped out in full gear, a grin directed at us. He waved at the Dee Kay who revealed himself, sniper pivoted down as he runs up to us.

– She is on the top floor. – Dee Kay said in hurry and stepped near Matt to follow us.

– She? How certain are you? – I asked, smoke slowly escaping my nostrils when he formed a suspicious smile.

– I’ve seen her through the horizon. It’s definitely a she. I must warn you though. She looked right back at me. – Dee Kay said and solidified us for a second, fed on our dumb face expression and laughed without a sound.

– How come I haven’t seen her? Is she that powerful to stop me from accessing the horizon? – my questions were falling on deaf ears as my pace was gaining speed and all of us stopped when a shadow stretched in the corner, a girl stepped out and looked at us.

– I had to be sure that none of your weapons are here to harm me. – she said leaving us without any plan of action, then after I came up with a question, she spoke again, – Among the power to read minds, I have more tricks up my sleeve. Having a name on a bullet is not just a figure of speech for me. I can actually see the names engraved on the objects that will be used for violence. This is why you want me. I can see that now.

– It looks like you are very powerful. So what is your name? – I wanted to smile with every casual step I made toward her, but she stopped me in the spot.

Alyana. – she rose her head with pride and stared at with some arrogance that witnessed the confidence she had for her abilities.

Oh Brother. – I gasped.


After an extensive talk with Alyana, we called Chad back to pick us up. With the same speed we came here, he took us out even before the Country’s military jets were scrambled for duty. He laughed with full throat and pushed the throttle to the limits.

– So, who is Kimberly? – Alyana asked out of nowhere, – I see you both think about her, but nobody wants to talk about it.

Matt smiled carelessly and gave me a nod, then I got comfy in my seat. I knew I could only think about what had happened and give her pictures of the destruction few years old, but something is better left unsaid and concealed. With the straight face I could make, I cleared my throat and begun.

Kimberly is a very strong girl. Something like Professor X in the Marvel, just our is real. Our mentalist has problems, that’s a side effect of power. But she is strong and she is getting better. We were concerned about you, since you have similar powers. It is rare for someone to have more than one, and that’s why I am rallying those that are able to use two or more powers. Our unit is under the Obioma project. We are to act in the missions that are too dangerous or gone extreme. You’ve met the boys. Roy, Dee Kay, introduce yourself properly. – I extended my palm at the men in the back that were too cool to be bothered with technicalities such are greetings and introductions.

– Sure, Bossman. I am Dee Kay. Weapons specialist and horizon chaser, as you have seen already. – chewing bubblegum, Dee corrected his sunglasses and grasped his sniper.

– People call me Roy. I am horizon chaser and shapeshifter. I can turn to anything of my size, even people. I best work alone, but I don’t mind observers when I am performing. – Roy‘s pride gave Alyana a positive feel and some comfort because they both were professionals at their fields and loyal.

– Who else is in the team? – Alyana couldn’t wait until we get to the base, so I grind and bowed for a bit like I heard a joke or something.

– I am Chad, and this is Ray. – our pilot sounded off in the comms, then a woman’s voice came lingering around us.

– I am Ray. Don’t you dare get in my mind, or many will get hurt. – this unknown voice made Alyana twitch in surprise, – I also can chase horizon, but also I can read signals. When Chad is not behind the wheel, I run the show. Do you want to know a deep government secret? I am your girl for that. – we all could hear the joyful smirk on her face, even she was in some other place, planting flowers.

– Is that all? – Alyana asked combing her long black hair, then Matt decided to join the conversation.

– We also have Sofia. She is a Blademaster and martial arts specialist. If you get in her mind, I’ll buy you a drink. – Matt smiled in his seat, remembering an internal joke this unit had told for a few weeks, – I am Matt. I’ll be your right hand and higher ranking officer. My skills are aimed at verbal influence and negotiations during the crisis. I once talked a respected General into sleeping with a teddy bear by his side. Told him that doll will protect his dreams. We won that battle. – Matt ran his fingers through hair and looked through the window.

– We need to test your skills Alyana. There is one gifted person we can’t find. In our files, we call her the Photographer. There is not much we know. Will you help us? – I joined my hands and used my puppy face to ask this of her, and Alyana smiled to confirm she is in for the task.


Town’s square was absolutely crawled full with tourists, protesters and photographers. We all had to change our clothes to fit in the crowd. Chad put our plane in the stealth mode, hovering above us, enjoying his time singing his lungs out while we had to search for the mystery person.

We divided into groups of two and stopped on the ledge where we could see the crowd moving to the rally point where the prominent speaker gave a motivational speech. Using my eyes like a normal person, I had no luck finding the Photographer, but that’s why we had a powerful horizon chaser Alyana.

– Are you ready? – I asked Alyana and she nodded.

Her eyes almost flipped backward as she entered the horizon and started searching for one person we needed. Our Master Chaser Ray had the power to zoom images and follow the movement on Earth, monitor this piece of rock from the distance and track us, but she couldn’t go into details as Alyana could. To her, this action was like a 3D picture where everyone was a statue and she could run in her mind and see their faces, see their thoughts and find out their secrets, while Ray could follow a signal to its origin and access the gadget that sent them.

– We got company. – Alyana said.

– Where? – I asked with one eyebrow broken when she twisted her head and clamped her lips to a line.

– Two men among the pillars of a bank. A woman near the fountain. They are so many. Oh, my God, they are looking for the Photographer too. – Alyana pulled back to her normal and gave a long gaze at the clamoring mass that oozed right.

Roy, Dee Kay. Showtime boys. Acquire targets and don’t let them leave the square. – I said with a grim voice and head a bullet entering the rifle.

In a slow walk, Matt was flanking the group of agents that waited for commands. Sofia, at her usual, moved like a cat in a coat that followed her waistline and complemented the red lips on a slightly pale face she got from training in numerous temples.

– They saw through you. Radio scramble is on. Watch out for guns. – Ray warned us when a bearded agent grinned at me and pulled out a gun.

With a grunt, Sofia launched a blade at the man and sliced his had, but gun pivoted down and fired a shot. The crowd began screaming, shouting and running to sides. Something froze the police officers and left them motionless.

– They got a gifted one! – I screamed and saw a tattooed man that moved his fingers in front of his eyes, – Don’t let him get in the horizon, or we are all dead! – I pulled my gun when sniper shots started echoing in the air.

Dee Kay chased horizon through his scope, took on targets with arms and pushed them inside the bank hall. Agents were taking cover, returned fire and used civilians as shields to protect themselves. One after another they were trying to reach the door where Dee Kay wanted them to do, but not as easily as they hoped too.

– Let me at them. – Sofia murmured, her daggers whistling in the air combating the gunfire sounds.

– No. We don’t need a bloodbath. Just take them inside the lobby. – I said taking cover at the fountain, – Alyana, where is a Photographer?!

– Still looking. Their gifted is jamming my sight. – the Alyana‘s cry was enough to give permission to Sofia to slide down to their gifted under Dee Kay‘s protection, rise up to her feet and look the tattooed man in the face.

– What the hell are you? – the man asked her, seeing she is not responding to any of his mental attacks.

– Some call me Sofia, true name Death. – words startled the man, then before he could see a buzz pinched him where blood started gushing from his neck.

Other agents pulled back into the lobby, their guns constantly firing at us. They used to pause to reload their weapons and find a plan to get out. Civilians screamed and cried, then Matt walked out from the corner.

In a move, he persuaded the gunmen to lower their guns and civilians stopped crying. Out of nowhere, gunfire broke loose and dropped the assailants on the floor. Roy came from behind the Matt, machine gun knocked over his shoulder, a grin under the sunglasses.

– Damn it Roy! I had this under control! – Matt yelled and pointed finger at Roy that casually took the path to the exit.

– I just lightened your task. – Roy waved his hand about not even trying to get serious.


Dee Kay, Roy, Chad, and Sofia went to get hold of the situation that erupted in the town’s square. Everybody listened to Sofia, as she was an authority that couldn’t be challenged easily. It will take them some time to calm down the civilians and erase the unfortunate event from their minds, while Ray got busy with the extensive task of following signals of social media and deleting the content that spoke of our action. It wasn’t too demanding of her to do that as her powers couldn’t be rivaled. With a gentle moving of hair behind her ear and a bat of her eyelash, she could cut through any computer and see the dirty secrets of some government. That’s why we moved her to a safe location and left a few gifted agents to protect her.

Matt, Alyana and I moved down the street where she sensed a gifted one hiding. It must have escaped when all of the commotions ensued. We had a positive idea it will show up here, where journalists took photos of a prominent speaker Piper Pierce. She stood for art and mutual tolerance which drew a lot of attention of other artists. The crowd that came to see her was also carrying cameras, so that was the time our person of interest could freely use her gift and not be judged for it.

– It went here. – Alyana pointed and rushed in the corner where Matt and I followed.

We entered an alley, a place where even cops would be scared to enter without a backup. Trash lied at our feet as we passed the stench of feces. Alyana wasn’t stopping, her eyes rolled back as she chased the horizons, magnifying the images and following a shadow that led us deep into the hood.

At one point, she stopped before a door where we saw a girl sitting in the corner, running through the images on the phone that illuminated her side of a face.

– Hello! I am Alyana. Can you tell me your name? – our latest operative smiled, her hand extended towards the girl that glared at us.

– Leave me alone. – the girl said and got back to the images that were too fast to see clearly, then I stepped in.

– We are from the Obioma Organization. We are here to help. – I tried to smile, but when I was met with the girl’s mad eyes, I gulped my spit and pulled back.

– Explain this. – she showed me her phone, images of the event that took place moments ago, but from our vision, – Every time I take a photo, it’s from someone else’s point of view, and it’s never a nice thing. Do you have any idea of how many horrors have I witnessed? – the girl almost screamed at me, when Matt approached her to try using his persuasive gift.

– We know. We heard all of the police calls that stopped home violence and brawls in the city. We knew it’s someone gifted as violence decreased by twelve percent. That is a good job. We would like to prevent much bigger crimes from happening and we need your help. – Matt radiated some warmth at the frightened girl in the corner, a thing I’ve seen many times before, – Now, what is your name? – a warm smile passed his face.

Ankita. – the girl spoke and took Matt‘s hand.



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