Shedding light – Drifting Shadows

After and extensive talk with Alyana, we called Chad back to pick us up. With the same speed we came here, he took us out even before the Country’s military jets were scrambled for duty. He laughed with full throat and pushed throttle to the limits.

– So, who is Kimberly? – Alyana asked out of nowhere, – I see you both think about her, but nobody wants to talk about it.

Matt smiled carelessly and gave me a nod, then I got comfy in my seat. I knew I could only think about what have happened and give her pictures of the  destruction few years old, but some thing are better left unsaid and concealed. With the straight face I could make, I cleared my throat and begun.

Kimberly is a very strong girl. Something like Professor X in the Marvel, just our is real. Our mentalist has problems, that’s a side effect of power. But she is strong and she is getting better. We were concerned about you, since you have similar powers. It is rare for someone to have more than one, and that’s why I am rallying those that are able to use two or more powers. Our unit is under the Obioma project. We are to act in the missions that are too dangerous or gone extreme. You’ve met the boys. Roy, Dee Kay, introduce yourself properly. – I extended my palm at the men in the back that were too cool to be bothered with technicalities such are greetings and introductions.

– Sure Boss man. I am Dee Kay. Weapons specialist and horizon chaser, as you have seen already. – chewing bubblegum, Dee corrected his sunglasses and grasped his sniper.

– People call me Roy. I am horizon chaser and shapeshifter. I can turn to anything of my size, even people. I best work alone, but I don’t mind observers when I am performing. – Roy‘s pride gave Alyana a positive feel and some comfort because they both were professionals at their fields and loyal.

– Who else is in the team? – Alyana couldn’t wait until we get to the base, so I grind and bowed for a bit like I heard a joke or something.

– I am Chad, and this is Ray. – our pilot sounded off in the comms, then a woman’s voice came lingering around us.

– I am Ray. Don’t you dare get in my mind, or many will get hurt. – this unknown voice made Alyana twitch in surprise, – I also can chase horizon, but also I can read signals. When Chad is not behind the wheel, I run the show. Do you want to know a deep government secret? I am your girl for that. – we all could hear the joyful smirk on her face, even she was in some other place, planting flowers.

– Is that all? – Alyana asked combing her long black hair, then Matt decided to join the conversation.

– We also have Sofia. She is a Blademaster and martial arts specialist. If you get in her mind, I’ll buy you a drink. – Matt smiled in his seat, remembering an internal joke this unit had told for a few weeks, – I am Matt. I’ll be your right hand and higher ranking officer. My skills are aimed to verbal influence and negotiations during crysis. I once talked a respected General into sleeping with a teddy bear by his side. Told him that doll will protect his dreams. We won that battle. – Matt ran his fingers through hair and looked through the window.

– We need to test your skills Alyana. There is one gifted person we can’t find. In our files, we call her the Photographer. There is not much we know. Will you help us? – I joined my hands and used my puppy face to ask this of her, and Alyana smiled to confirm she is in for the task.


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22 thoughts on “Shedding light – Drifting Shadows

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      • Touching hair is a nervous move. I am just tired and uninspired. I planned this story for a long time and I hoped I could make it great, but it became hard to write it. Too many characters to attend to. I’ll fix it. It is my mistake for thinking I can do a massive story with many people in it.


      • Nenad. Its ok. Dont overwhelm yourself. You can make it great and you will. People are falling in love with your work and you. Cmon.
        Dont be hard on yourself its going great.
        Yes. Its hard to squeeze 40 characters in a story you can replace mine. I wont even mind it. I was there its enough for me.
        Kill me 😉
        And you can sqeeze other characters to another story.
        Do whatever you feel like. Its a blog its not an exam.
        And you can skip blabbers you are going to delete them anyway.

        Its an amazing story. 🙂 you are doing great.

        Liked by 1 person

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