Chasing memories – Drifting Shadow

Plane soared the sky, splitted the clouds and zoomed through the air to get us to our destination. Chad, our pilot was one of a kind, as his skills were rivaling the fighter jet veterans. He managed to get us in a “no go zone”, evade radar tracking and reach the point that seemed ungettable on the horizon.

– Wake up. We got job to do. – Matt‘s palm shakes me to reality and I run my hands down my face to get to my senses.

– Was I gone for long? – I ask, not wanting to turn around, but I hear his breath and rustling of his uniform.

– Not as usual. You left us for two minutes. You can take your meds now. Don’t let the visions consume you. It will be a disaster. – he spoke calm and ready for the mission that was ahead, – Our locator shows we have another gifted one in the area with our men surrounding the place. We need to recruit it for the Obioma project. Our systems don’t show its power, but we can see it is a strong individual. Maybe even stronger than Kimberly. You know what havoc she created last time. We had to put her gift under control or the whole east coast would pay the price. We need to be careful. – Matt spoke worried about what awaits us, then I lit my cigarette and blew the smoke so weak and tired that he understood what that meant.

Chad gave us a signal from the cockpit and we hooked onto the line. Plane door opened and we jumped down on the street, a dusty and rustic corner of a town where most buildings stood silent and without anyone in them, just us and that mysterious person.

With a rapid search of our surroundings, I stepped forward and Chad lifted the plane to relocate to safety. Matt obviously wasn’t in a hurry, his tablet showed him where this person was, hiding in one of the houses in the end of the long street.

Out of shadows, Roy stepped out in full gear, a grin directed at us. He waved at the Dee Kay who revealed himself, sniper pivoted down as he run up to us.

– She is in the top floor. – Dee Kay said in hurry and stepped near Matt to follow us.

– She? How certain are you? – I asked, smoke slowly escaping my nostrils, when he formed a suspicious smile.

– I’ve seen her through the horizon. It’s definitely a she. I must warn you though. She looked right back at me. – Dee Kay said and solidified us for a second, fed on our dumb face expression and laughed without a sound.

– How come I haven’t seen her? Is she that powerful to stop me from accessing the horizon? – my questions were falling on deaf ears as my pace was gaining speed and all of us stopped when a shadow stretched in the corner, a girl stepped out and looked at us.

– I had to be sure that none of your weapons are here to harm me. – she said leaving us without any plan of action, then after I came up with a question, she spoke again, – Among the power to read minds, I have more tricks up my sleeve. Having a name on a bullet is not just a figure of speech for me. I can actually see the names engraved on the objects that will be used for violence. This is why you want me. I can see that now.

– It looks like you are very powerful. So what is your name? – I wanted to smile with every casuall step I made toward her, but she stopped me in spot.

Alyana. – she rose her head with pride and stared at with some arrogance that witnessed the confidence she had for her abilities.

Oh Brother. – I gasped.


Dronstad Ghost_Town

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Fog of war

Defending Peace


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