Fog of war


Growing up on the street, I liked to play war with my friends, hide behind the trash cans and shout BANG, BANG at the kids from the other block. It was all fun and games until real war broke out.

Our streets were kidnaped by the heavy machines, their engines roaring like angry metallic beasts, slowly grasping momentum, heading to the east. My heart pounded restless upon seeing real soldiers marching to war.

Elders haven’t rejoicing this exciting event like we kids did. Their faces altered with grim thought made them hug us stronger that day and at night my mother was crying at the diner table. I didn’t understood those salty drops  and what have provoked them.

Bombing was my best memory, as the whole neighbourhood gathered together in a atomic shelter, played cards all night and laughed more sincerely. While bombs were falling, I was allowed to stay up late, watch couples dance and saw old grudges smoothened with alcohol. It was a miracle of some sorts.

When all that horror passed, our streets were left in ruins. Scorched walls spoke of violence and I think I saw a blood in one of the buildings, but my mother covered my eyes before I could find out.

A year later, our streets were back to its normal shape. Again we played war hiding behind the trash cans. Again we hated the boys from the other block. Again my mother called me for diner.

The only thing different was that there were soldiers sleeping on the sidewalks.


Dronstad Veteran

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25 thoughts on “Fog of war

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  3. This one has good parts (where you let words pour out without looking for them) and parts less good (where you keep yourself from letting your heart go and try to go along « a way »

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  8. Reading your post gave me goosebumps. Quite saddening to know you had to go thorough this in childhood. I hope you have grown stronger in mind and heart having seen all that in front of your eyes
    Glad to see you safe..

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    • This was unexpected. 😀 Don’t you worry about me. I see the world in new specter of colors and I got out of it unharmed by the events that happened here. I am positive about life, so knock your cap and take a drink. 😀

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