Final Charge (Reuploaded)


Boom – went the street and the cloud rose to blind us. Speeding fire moved left and right, shooting randomly over the exo-soldiers hiding behind collapsed wall. They held their heads down strongly bracing their helmets and grunting while the robot courageously marched forward.

From the window, one of our guys threw a molotov cocktail that shattered over already dented metal and fire bath the turquoise eye machine. It didn’t do any damage to the robotic gatling-gun that blared fire in the iron clutch of a machine, ranged with the casings on the wet pavement and whirled his legs – stomping over our dead. His friends just breached from the sides and now we were surrounded from every direction.

– Oh, God, oh God, oh God. – soldier trembled, clutching his weapons, steely eyes racing in the distance.

Corner, five guys are trying to delay their meeting in the center, but grenade launchers push them back with two instantly dead. Others ran, leaving our soldiers on the floor, dismantled, shredded by pieces of the street they protected.

A man’s boot entered the crippled grey hill with sniper pulled out and stock fixed in shoulder. Hit after hit shrinked my cover with deafening blasts, when Jacob stood up and fell down knocking away his high-tech helmet drilled completely through with his back of the head blown off. Brains oozed in the paddle, while his cold eyes watched the gloomy sky.

From the window, another molotov cocktail fell, but it missed the sharpshooter, when a drone showed up and slowly levitated down and opened fire at the window. The buzzing machine glided into the building, fire flashed, then the whole floor detonated with blazing fire shaking the walls, coughing black smoke that hugged the building like a lover and shrapnel rain came in slow.

– Code Purple! – I screamed at my soldiers and they all confirmed, then they went for their pockets.

Each one of them pulled out a little plastic bag with white powder in it and started staring at my anger grimaced face. Their skeletons slightly moved up from the nervous anticipation for a command. Fear was in their eyes. I could see it through their electronic visors that they are praying, but praying for life, not the one God soldiers should pray to. My stifled lip gave them everything they needed to know while my clear sight ran across them.

– Alright men, give them Hell! – I shouted and they opened the bags where noses got shoved into.

They inhaled all of it and shaked like crazy. I did the same and twitched my neck when a positive charge filled me up with a bloodlust. All of us fell in a trance, looked peacefully at the blackened sky, took a deep breath of burning building fumes when colors started to shift, transform. Everything felt super charged with electricity, even my arms shivered feeling restlessness with craving urge to plunge themselves in someone’s blood.

A nasty roar, strong shouts and flapetation of the metal we wore struck my ears like music, a tune perfect by design. I felt nirvana, a godlike spiritual move to annihilate something and unleash all of my brutal capabilities. I was in bliss, a drug boosted personality that only knew to grow in me.

– Death. – I mumbled that word in a quiet deep volume that sparked the charge via comms in my ‘sons’ ears.

We jumped and ran into at their lines that increased rate of fire. Men were falling down near me when lightning plasma rounds painted the air between us and metal barrier. The biggest exo-soldier have made a full stop and fired his rocket at the approaching enemy where blast gave us entrance in their ranks. One by one we mixed with them in furious dance, grabbing anything we could and throwing it maniacally at the walls. Only battle cries were dominating the field of ruins enemy held showered with fire.

My arm penetrated the robotic plating and pulled wiring out of the can that spat bullets while crumbling at his knees. His rounds happily ricocheted at the nearest enemy footman, stitching him dead. I used those wires to strangle a man that came at me with a knife, and I bit off a piece of his neck. Hot red liquid ran down my lower jaw while wide open pupils demanded another kill.

My men charged frantically at the line of scared enemy in urban camo. Like a pack of wild wolfs we descended on them ripping their arms from sockets, bashing their heads to smithereens, slaying them with teeth. It all felt so natural, so divine and glorious. I was at my cusp, at the very top where valkyries proudly looked at us from the heavenly burning clouds in a red field.



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