Few good days (Finale)

– Have you ever thought of how it would be like if we would to live together? – Linda asked aiming her absent gaze in the distance, but question caught me by surprise, so unexpected and random I had no reaction to it.

– You mean like a marriage? – response to my inquisitorial question was put on hold because of a sigh, dimmed chater on a player, Linda’s meaningless looks over the room.

– Even if it was a matrimony, it’s completely legal now. In the past, our kind was used as pleasure slaves, work force and disposable transplant meat-bags for humans. We got our rights now. We are allowed to live our lives just the same as they do. The hell, we are even allowed to join military and become citizens after tours served. – Linda pondered on the idea of us living together, but spoke of a violent history that followed Biobots, a bioengineered humanoids with increased abilities.

– 0K, you need to stop with that. – I turned at her in all seriousness I could make with my facial lines, – You had your chance for family with June Lee. I am not biting into that crap. I want an old fashion family. I got a boyfriend. Soon we will get engaged and I will marry him. He doesn’t know we are genetically built to hold no gender preferences, and I want to keep it that way. – I dictated my plans to her knowing I shouldn’t but hard core truth always served it’s application – either she’ll drop it and get mad on me, either she will accept it, but she will have to respect my choice.

– We could have kids too. I will give birth to them and you can reverse a couple of yours cells to male kind and artificially impregnate me. They’ll have both of our features. They’ll look like you AND me. We can have a family together. – Linda hopefully jumped on the couch, gave me that puppy eyes, but I reamined cold.

– You don’t understand. I said old fashioned nuclear family. I want a man in my life. I want that 20th century thing when everything had some order and rules. I like you Linda, but what are you suggesting isn’t for me. I am not doing that. I dream of white picket fence, a bearded husband and barbeque on the weekends. I want to feel like a woman and for that I need a man. – I added, but found laughter coming back at me, – Laugh all you want, I said what I had. – shook of my finger ended everything, leaving Linda to contemplate on what have I said, which severely crossed with her plans for us.

Silence took over the room, my military girl absent in thoughts, beaten by what I decided to do. This subject wasn’t brought up again during her stay that was brief and of short span.

Later during the day, we had lunch and she gave me a long kiss before she left. I felt she was heartbroken, emotionally hurt because of my rejection. She wanted to say something so I could remember her by, but nothing came out from those perfect lips scientist gave her.

Not even a turn or a smile as she walked toward the car. Nothing. She knew where my heart lies and she could not move it. The only thing she didn’t knew was the tears I spilled for hours in the pillow, the cries and my thoughts of what life would be like if I chose to settle down with her and make a family.


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