Few good days (3)

Linda slept for the whole night. This time, she was silent, no grunting and nightmares to hunt her. She must have done that “brain clean up” and drank blockers to prevent ghosts of the past to come back.

The house had a strawberry smell from the military issued MRE towels. I guess Generals liked their female soldiers having a pleasant scent. When we entered the service, military said we’ll stop worrying about accommodation and food, as those will be provided to us for life. It made jobs in Five Systems, so it was good for us to requalify from killing to maintenance and cantina.

Linda walked in, still sleepy and tired, but disoriented and bothered by what’ve happened yesterday. I saw her wearing my old shirt, the one from the enlistment, full of coffee stains and holes.

– Good morning. – she said, her voice broken and shy.

– Morning. – I replied leaving lipstick on the cup filled with military style instant coffee.

– About last night… – she took a seat on the opposite side of a table.

– Stop it. I am not your fuck buddy. What happened, it happened. It’s in the past. Have some breakfast and change the topic. – I slided her a metal tray, powder eggs and bacon with a side of a cheese pasta and a chocolate chips cookie.

– Alright. Have it your way. – she added cleaning her hands with a strawberry scented towel.

I paused for a moment without a need to start a fight with someone I shared half of my life with. Even though military stopped paying attention of what was happening in the dormitories during the night, soldiers still had their split of heart about many things. It wasn’t rare for soldiers to form an emotional bond, not in our time. That only made them fight better and take care of each other, but it was rare for Linda to react this way. I wasn’t the first woman she laid with in the military.

– I forgot how fun you are in the mornings. – Linda moved a lock of hair behind the ear and dug in the tray.

– Yeah. Real goofball. – I said in cold, kept drinking my coffee.

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