Few good days

Linda came to visit me after who knows how many years. I haven’t expected her, but still, I was glad she came to hang out with me. I didn’t bothered to get tidy, to comb my hair and put on a new dress, so I welcomed her in what I was in, a pair of tights and a saggy military sweater.

I brought us beer and we sat in the garden chairs, right on the porch that looked at the peaceful street. She took the first sip, quietly, without words that would ruin the moment. A neighbour came out of his home, a married man fond of fantasizing about me and my girls. Linda smiled at him and waved when he shamefully covered his eyes with a sports hat and walked away. He was harmless, but hilarious when horny.

– Why haven’t we asked for a settlement in the Orion B44? I hear the weather is much better there. – Linda asked frowning at the Sun that shone from the crack in the roof.

– Home is home. Earth is where we were born. Earth is a place I want to die on. – response came out like I had prepared it, then I took a sip from a can.

– My God. – she smiled unprovoked, – Do you think about June Lee? We were mean to that girl. – slight negating was meant to recall my service in the battleship which wasn’t the most pleasant time of our lives, yet Linda had it figured out and became focused on the fun days.

– I remember her working in the engine, assembling the coils for the main railgun. We were hiding behind the production line, unraveling the coils and sending them back to her to do it over and over again. We were bored and without assignments, so that was something we did to pass the time. – I said somewhat cool and distant, then my lips touched the can again.

– Oh, she was mad when she figured out we were messing with her. Vein popped on her forehead when she saw us casually dismantling the coils. Ha, ha, ha. She laughed out of misery, then we bought her ice cream and helped her finish the quota. Fun days. – Linda smiled evoking the memories of our past lives, injecting me with nice feelings she kept safe and well.

– June did loved to watch at you in the showers alright. – I winked more because of the Sun, than because I tried to tease, when Linda made a disguised face.

– That bitch! – Linda scoffed and took another sip, then she smiled again, – Well, at least she had something gorgeous to look at. – some girly and lively shrug elevated my spirits and made me spray the beer out of my mouth all over the porch.

We laughed for hours.


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