– Goodbye. Write when you get there. – I told her, she kissed me.

Passengers of the flight 339 to the Aurora 7. The cruiser is leaving in ten minutes. Flight 339 is departing from the boarding bay in ten minutes. Please check your luggage at the cargo bay. Flight 339 is leaving in ten minutes.” – dispatcher announced over the sound system.

She started going away, her moves undulated, gentle smiles periodically sent to me. I didn’t wanted her to leave, but it was for the best. Even her family couldn’t hold her back from doing something she loved.

Who would’ve guess I’d lose her over the alien plants, foreign rock formations on Aurora 7? I was at peace, knowing there will be a garrison of men on the planet’s surface to protect the second piece of my heart.

She blended into the crowd of uniforms, a group of huge bioengineered men, soldiers capable of sustaining a nuclear blast and walk away from it. In few more seconds, I lost her white dress in the pass where passengers got their tickets punched out.

I hurried to the window and stopped there, my heart pounding madly. Sweat broke on my forehead, pain surged in me as cold chill rose up my spine and fingertips tingle with pinching sensation.

Will she write to me? Will she be safe out there? Will I ever see her again? – questions bothered me, while cruiser detached from the ramp and rolled down the path to get in the position. Gracefully the cruiser locked in the mechanism that whirled and hissed elevating the bulky ship to the launching position. My hand on glass left a mark, a desperate attempt to touch her skin again.

– Goodbye my love. If I couldn’t, may angels protect you. – I said tearing up.

WHOOSH! the engines spit smoke and soon fire broke out pushing the heavy cruise ship to heights. Second by second, the lift off smoke started dancing undulated in the air, every move of the ship’s wings climbing up to the night sky. She was among the stars. My heart wanted to join her, I wanted to be at her side, but I knew that won’t happen.

I stayed for another hour, watched at the stars, feeling calm, regret, despair and all of the other weird feelings of a man in love. Did she felt the same?


Departure Dronstad

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25 thoughts on “Goodbye

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  7. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but wonder about how long a written message would take to get across interstellar distances. Of course if letters and such were carried by FTL ships, then perhaps maybe not as long as I imagine.

    That said, this is a very old story though historically, it’s more likely for the male to make such a voyage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. I thought that messages could be delivered by some advanced technology, but there is also the problem of space constantly expanding. I haven’t really figured that out.

      About the voyage, yes it is more of a tradition for a man to leave into the adventure, so that is the reason I changed their places. It brings out the flavor and steers up the emotions. If we would to read the things we were accustomed to, the read would soon become boring.

      Thanks for the comment James. 😀 I am so happy I met a fellow stargazer. 😀


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