Petrosian Boot camp


In years of war, Ildocian mercenaries destroyed the Petrosian cities, raided the villages and did the unthinkable to captured soldiers. It all sparked the peaceful continent to form their own defence. It all led us to fight for our lives. And so we did.

– Too weak, too short, too light. – Commander checked the babies in the nursery, still rocking in the cradle, crying.

– Hit him! Hit him! Again! – Staff Sergeant shouted at the eight year olds fistfighting.

We are Petroshy, not afraid to say,

We are Petroshy, Ildock shall pay.

We are Petroshy, we don’t care,

We will fight Ildock anywhere!” – Regiment song was sanged and teenagers marched down the street.

– Every miss will be punished with a lash! One miss, one lash! – weapon’s Major announced passing the fireline of boys and drove his eyes to a lad that was carried for burial, – Alright. Begin! – he added and plasma laid stripes in the air, concentrated on an Ildocian drone puppets.

– You guys got promoted to a squad leaders. You may take an oath and get your first assigns. – General spoke to us, took a whiff of smoke where he got back to his computer as we left.

No one shall mourn my death, no one will know I am a hero, no one will say thanks, because it is my duty, it is my honor, it is my life that will be respected. I gladly forfeit my life for the great Petros, a father of us all.” – I recited a chant, grabbed my weapon and broke cover where Ildocian bullets crackled over it.

The whole training was made like through a funnel. Only the strongest and intelligent got to enter the ranks of the elite troops known as Onslaughts. We are a death of Ildock.


Petrosian Troopers

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