Metal Genes – Killer on a loose (Finale)

Patrol cars were lined up, officers were everywhere on the street, putting on the “crime scene” ribbons, holding the crowd away. News reporters tried to put a drone in the no fly zone, but swift cyborg devices chased them away. It all seemed calm on the street where flashes of the cameras captured the position of dead gangsters.

A detective came about in a modest stroll, breathed in the air, looked around trying to crack the case. Some cop brought her a tablet with analysis from the mobile laboratory, a cyborg capable of doing the advanced searches in the police database. She nodded and the man left to yell at the crowd.

– It must be a military training. He was able to gun them down in less than two minutes. – she said her winsome smile reflecting in the screen, – He even sniped the bodyguard with a curved trajectory. He must have calculated the wind, planet rotation and dented the shot. I would also say it was an android shooter. Four dead, every shot demanding its own fire adjustments… In two minutes? He is an android. – she added and looked at her partner that took a sip from the cup.

– How sure are you it’s “HE”? Maybe it’s a genoid with a stolen software. I hear they were used as spies before. – he said, casually observing the rooftops.

– We will find out. – she said leaving the spot, – If its a gang war, we should expect many more dead on the street. Lucky for us, we have a help from the Birou. They’ve sent us a cyborg they used to bring down cartels in New York. His file is without a stain. – conversation continued on foot, – Are you ready to find a killer on a loose Lieutenant KLD 553? – she stopped, her lovely smile now pointed at someone else.

– Yes madam. – I said.


Cyborg crime scene

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