Metal Genes – Urban Hell


Alley, a small pass where gangs gathered before the actions, urban soldiers, criminals made laughing noise I detected. As I walked toward the noise in the bottom of the darken space, memories came back to me. These traumas were erased after combat cyborgs came back from the battle, but I have let Jin summon few of them back. I needed them.

Eyes focused, a red shadows moving in the termal specter. Five of them, only three at the side of a dumpster, doing something. All human. Two other gangsters puffed smoke, acting ordinary and without fear of cops that rarely came down from their patrol cruisers.

– The fuck you want? – the first one asked when I got near the group.

Those men by the dumpster bolted me, while one of them remained down, entertaining himself with a genoid they caught passing by. No human would have stop them from what they were doing to that poor bot, as we were considered things, objects without stature of a human, of a person.

Electronic eyes begged me for help. Even she haven’t said anything, our systems synced in and I felt her suffer. Her skirt was lying beside her, sweater she had pulled over her face, panties ripped apart.

I left them full of holes, blood dripping from the brick walls where gang graffiti was painted. It wasn’t viable for police to react, nor for the Justice Department to take actions, so I had to do it. I had to bring order in chaos, to shed light in Hell, to fight for our rights.

Β Viable


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    • I can’t remember. Balkan movies tend to show very morbid social and political scenes. In an artistic way of course, but nevertheless, they show a lot. Every movie from the 90′ is absolutely stacked with shocking images. It does make you reevaluate your moral standing grounds. πŸ˜€

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