Metal genes – The scars

The slums in the West Side were always marked red and they were off limits, but when you have a problem, that is a place to go. Dark streets dotted with ponds where neon signs changed their colors in, smell of burnt meat and sound of a verbal fight was the usual for this place. Hologram commercials were fishing for the ignorant fools to enter one of the locals in the back alleys, seek for cheap genoid hookers and get their master chip carved out. Cyborgs had no business walking in here, yet I needed to.

After two shady groups passed, I came onto a chinese symbols. My integrated translator glitched, pupils fought to focus, but words came up saying “Love Palace and rooms”. Old combat drone scanned me for weapons and checked my battery levels before door hissed, letting loud music and girly moans out.

My filters switched to biological attack mode so smoke couldn’t do any damage to me. A swift mapping gave me notification of the crowd present at the bar and the exits in the structure made in the last century. My moisture levels showed that mold was severely ruling the place, covering all of the outer walls and some corners in the upper levels.

– Here to find pleasure? – blue hair genoid approached me, no clothes on her, just poorly assembled torso and bare wires that fell over her arm.

– No. – I said, my voice losing power, – I am here for the Jin. – nervous shake of a head told her I was in a bad shape, so she tilted in hips and gave me a weird look.

– What do you want? – different voice came from the device meant to be used as a cleaning bot.

– I need adjustments. – electronic voice fell and climbed in the next minute, when she fired up the additional eyes on the bot and ran down my body.

– You need a miracle to fix everything that broke down. Military fixed you up pretty good. – I sensed a judgemental smile behind the robotic mask that wasn’t moving, and I knew she was looking at the empty spaces that surgeon robotic arms left in me in order to fix the war scars and pacify my abilities, – What treatment do you need?

– An update on the system and guns. – me nervously looking around wasn’t helping my cause, – I can pay. – I said to keep her interested, when a sound of a lighter and a sigh broke from the genoid that turned around and made me follow the plumpy plastic butt.


Cyber repare

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