Big Deal

– So, this is your first time? – she asked, too far in the dark for me to see her, but I knew she was there.

– Yeah. – I scrubbed my hands anticipating the next thing.

– Mhm, I see… Tell me again what happened. – I sensed the voice travel in circle, she was taking a better position in her chair.

– Two men came to the bridge. Only one left. – I said placing my hands on the knees and lifted my head to fuse some confidence in the words.

– Tell me one more time. Where was the child? – same tone reached me and I said without hesitation.

– The flyer said “Baby boots for sale. Only used once”.

– How did you ended up the relationship? – swift question followed.

– With a sound of a gun. She stopped stabbing me after that.

– The object was found on the ground. What was it?

– A bottle of pills. Pain was to great for him to bare. – I tilted my head with an nervous exhale, then I saw her liting up a cigarette.

The read glow showed my edges of her face, when smoke entered the beam of light I sat beneath.

– Good answers. You are hired. Yearly wage will be 200 000 dollars plus the worth of the every story you write and sell to us. You’ll be issued an apartment at any city you chose.

– I prefer the village. – I raised my eyebrows and sounded off the words with a wide smile, so gently she almost smiled back.

– If you like it that way, we’ll make sure it happens. If we need you somewhere, you’ll get a driver and a plane ticket. For any other problems, we will have an agent on the phone for you. Our team of managers are our to command, you only need to listen to them and be a team player. – she said, her voice standing up, hand extended towards me and I shook it with a great content feeling, because my dreams were taking shapes of realism.


Dark Warehouse

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Friendly Lands – Galacta Niner

Dance of Masks (2)

Rock called Sol 1C (Finale)

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