Eulogy for the 2017

Dear beloved, we gathered here… wait, wrong page… Once upon a time… nope, wrong again.

Um, 2017 was a great guy. It brought us many laughs and tears. It will be remembered as one of a kind, a year that shall not return. We all had our ups and downs with it, some had more downs than they would want, but life is complicated like that. Let us all have a minute of silence for all of those that suffered. Let us all honor the passing of the 2017 and all of the things that have happened in its time. Let us forget all of the bad things and set them to past and focus on the future and cherish the nice things of our lives as a fond memory. Let us start over in the 2018 and try being better people. Let us be more tolerant to others and show respect to opinions that are different from ours. Let us become wiser and smarter as we get older. Let us learn from our mistakes and not fall to temptation in repeating them. Let us grow as humans, find happiness, share kindness, hope for brighter future. Let us foresee the upcoming troubles and have strength to face them. Let us help those weaker than ourselves and extend our hand to those that desperately need it.

Pray if you will, or don’t, but strive for greatness. Love if you can, smile if you can, enjoy life and let others enjoy their life in calm and prosperity. Be the person of virtue, a person of skills, a person in a sea of persons, but be YOU. 2017 was a great year. It shall be forever memorized in my letters, my posts, in the color of my ink, in the emotion that was expressed through my quill. In contrary to most opinions, 2017 was a good year.


Today’s post inspired by Sergeant Stella’s post.


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This was inspirational, isn’t it? Well, I won’t do it anymore.

Green Lords

Grey clouds over humanity

Lover in the sky

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