Christmas 2017

I would like to use this opportunity and wish everybody merry Christmas. Many of you might not know this, but Slavic folk celebrate many holidays in this time of year. Even if there are Catholic Slavs and Orthodox Slavs, putting up a tree, giving presents and having traditional family meals are what we all do around the world. Christmas grew out to be a global event and celebration of kindness that transcends throughout the cultures.

It might not represent the same meaning that has in the Catholic Christianity, but it is a call for tolerance and respect among the people we live with. I would also like to wish merry Christmas to all that are far from their home, people who have to work when everybody else is at home drinking a hot chocolate and sing carols near the fireplace.

A little more tolerance is what I will be wishing tonight when I go to my bunk. What will you ask the shooting star?



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