Riven Skies – Galacta Niner (Finale)

Enemy swarms started their descending in a lightning speed while we ran across the field. Their guns sizzled at those who were detached from the group. Each overpass made us head for cover when planetary defensive systems kicked in and started amassing the energy. Soon a rain of crackling projectiles found themselves in the air battling the enemy buzzers.

A deafening boom shook the ground in a straight pillar of energy that zoomed up tearing up the sky. Clusters of fog spreaded around the pulsing rod that smashed against the fleet in the attack. I watched it in awe as I held myself for the trembling dirt beneath me.

– It’s fighting them! – Captain said shouting, few feet away from me, – This makes me so happy! – he added developing unsecure smile on his face, while others tried to stand up.

– Get down! – I screamed when a platoon of rail guns went up elevating their aim at the metal orbiting the globe.

A buzz almost blinded us when the sky shifted colors to a radiant white and shock wave rose dirt clogging the lungs. I covered my head and waited for the initial blast wave to pass. The force picked me up from the ground and smacked me down over and over again in the rhythm of a cannon fire. Rustling shutted my ears and nose as I tried to breath. With slanted eyes, I looked over the landscape where enemy drones evaded the rapid fire from the turrets that popped up from the ground and started chasing down the fighters. One of the drones was sawed by a turret, then others ended up in the same way.

A hiss appeared next to me where a small pipe rose to the surface. Not knowing what it is and what sort of gas was bursting out from it, I covered my nose again and crawled away from it. Funny enough, my bio attack indicator was silent, so I knew whatever that was, it is not meant to kill.

– Oxygen Sir! – soldier cried in my ear when I bumped into him, – It amplifies the fire! – he explained and I nodded with fear affected face.

Thunders announced the death of the planetary fleet that was retreating their second and third line. Up there, barely visible in the clouds of dirt, fog and stormy clouds, fire played in the rim of the stirred up atmosphere. Every cloud or a cluster had a fire made edge and a shining pebble of what was a battleship. On the ground, in between the creeks and rocky hills, drone wreckages also flickered in flames while cannons and railguns covered in dirt silently steamed.

ย Torn


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