Second Chance – Galacta Niner

As soon as I got to the rally point wounded awaited for me. I took out my field kit and started patching up crying soldiers. The platoon was shaken out of mind. Four of them laughed hysterically, few were experiencing shock trauma for staring at death for too long, others fought those that were uncontrollably violent and eager to fight. I had to yell at the seizing patients, restrain them with self tying bonds, check for their pupils reactions, stick patches with medicine that are skin absorbed and pray in will work.

– What do you mean, connections are lost? – senior Captain asked the officer that breathed like a dog, held himself for the knees and moved sweat dripping hair.

– They jumped us Sir. No body expected them this close to the lonesome quadrant. WE were suppose to travel for years, but they intercepted the hailing wire and came here. – the officer spoke in pauses, while the sky above us rained smokey parts of what was our ship, carving lines on the blue field that was slowly turning dark as night was upon us.

– So this was just a raider party. We are safe? – Captain frowned at the boy that whipped his head about.

– You are not listening. The cords are severed. Help is not coming. We are alone for fuck sake! – the scream haven’t had the intended sobering purpose nor it made anybody turn around to see the man painfully shouting at his superior.

– Calm down. We are setting master rally point for all of the survivors. We can make a stand over the next ridge is we gather enough… – he spoke but officer grabbed the Captain for his collar.

– It’s not a raiding party! It’s a whole planetary force! It’s not hundreds of them, it’s millions upon million of their Superfighters! – the white of his teeth was really white in contrast to the muddy face of the officer and the nightmare thoughts of a Captain that realised we are doomed if he doesn’t make a right call.



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