The Last Stop – Galacta Niner

– Propulsion Generator is failing. Shields are at 23 persent of power. Total evacuation commencing. – computerized voice echoed in the ship where lights flickered and explosions thundered in the empty halls and bowl, – Deck 5 emergency capsules deployed, Deck 6 emergency capsules deployed, Deck 4 emergency capsules malfunction detected, authority overdrive has failed, Deck 4 is locking down.

In a second I heard a thud and I was freefalling.

– Bio chamber base detaching complete. Life support section is at critical condition. U.S.S. Hermes beacon activated. Hailing all Planetary channels. – voice kept steady volume as I banged my capsule heart beating in my throat.

I felt weightless, hot and terrified because I didn’t knew what was happening.

– Foreign planet’s atmosphere breached. Activating reverse thrusters. – voice said and deafening hissing popped the bubble in my ears when I slammed back into the ergonomic foam and groaned.

I was able to see our ship falling apart in fiery globes of what was our fuel, our command center, our colony’s Dreamer’s bay. Razor rain as we called the debris falling down, zoomed around me hitting other capsules, shredding through emergency cargo containers with life support. Soon a foreign sky appeared with a healthy blue color. I smiled knowing that if I survive the fall, I will be able to live on the surface of the planet. Fear of big water masses kicked in and I tried to roll over, pick up my head and see the globe that will be my new home. Colony has failed to reach it’s destination. God help us.

– Landing flaps deployed. Thrusters at full power. Touchdown in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Touchdown. – metal bending sounds threw me around the casket if I was a rag doll, – Locating other capsules. Meeting point marked in the personal holo-cube. Goodspeed dr Driden. Protect the colony. Long live the Earth Planetary Union. – voice said and door hissed opening up in violent sounds of coupling breaking.

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galacta niner

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I just might turn this in a full story. What do you think? Think about while reading these.

Rock called Sol 1C

First impact

Building a planet



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