Lover in the sky


No blipping, no whirring, no sound at all. Void never seemed so calm, not in a long time. It was my temple for meditation, a place of religion, a place of deep thoughts and unwanted traumatizing memories that come and go. I unfastened my seatbelt, lifted my nurtured legs on the console and watched the shimmering stars in the distance. One gentle twist of head I could see the planet on my right and a shiny metal ring of space laboratories and luxurious resorts built around it. A sight of deep blue and rays of Sun only drove my melancholy to certain levels where I still had control of it.

A beam of light flickered where Orbital hall 1 threw a ball under masks, a charade. Command wanted me to attend, but I left my red heels in the cabinet and my glittering costume on the mattress. I thought of dropping by, saying hello to the gentlemen, but I grabbed a bottle of wine and blew them a kiss as I left. I know there will be many girls keeping them entertained. I smile imagining the laughter under chandeliers, drinks spilled over the white shirts, orchestra playing the classics. It is too distant for me. I needed to set a distance.

Ah, Helion was always too possessive for a party girl like me. He even said I had a wild spirit for a station that needed obedient operators. Funny, because combat outpost needed the people who wouldn’t sit in one place and waste their days like that. I made the job done. That’s what mattered. The safety of our planet mattered.

That’s why I left. He started drinking, arguing, crying to me. I couldn’t stand him anymore. Not like that. It hurt the most when he promised to change but hesitated to leave the bottle and take me for a wife. We could have patrolled the deep space together, scout the quadrants, chase down the pirates and enjoy ourselves dancing under the luxurious chandeliers, even have children if Ministry granted our request.

Silence helped me think. I can find plenty of silence here. Wine also helped me making decisions. I’ll leave him tomorrow.


Party Girl

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Hah, that was somewhat emotional. I like testing my boundaries. Here are more stories.


Shadow Star

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