Shadow Star

Stories. I loved to hear them from my grandfather. He always had something fun to tell, and I always had a will to listen. Everyday he would climb the hill after the supper and spend an hour on the top, watch the birds fly, see the second Sun setting behind the vast plain and wait for the Trimoon to start dancing above him as stars of the void appeared.

It was unusual, because out of all the old folk, he was the only one who would do this daily. Sometimes, he would stay on the top a little longer and wait there – mesmerized by the twinkling of the void around the third moon and his irregular shifting.

– Isn’t too late for you to be up. – he said fixed on the second moon that shined brighter than ever.

– I need my fuel for dreams. – I said taking a seat next to his legs that were covered with a blanket.

– You came at the right moment. I just thought of an old story, so old many think it’s a legend. – he smiled with warmth and grazed my hair, then he shivered from the cold that rose with the night, pulled the blanket over his back and turned on a smouldering lantern, – This is a legend of a Trimoon, the ancient brother of the Twins and a Shadow Star. – his raspy voice was perfect for this, so I corrected my posture and prepared for the thrilling story.

Grandfather picked up a twig from the ground and started drawing in the crusty dirt that haven’t seen rain in years. He had trouble doing it so, but stayed focused on making the marks.

– A long time ago, when our planet was a filled with colours, we were proud of the color green, the color of the nature… A healthy color. In those times, we only had two moons and two stars. Brothers and sisters we thought of them. Boys even now like to play at night, run wild and battle in high grass, while girls spend their time in light, giggled and danced in the sky. One day, a long lost brother slided from the endless void and joined the company of the Twins, making three moons in the sky. After centuries passed, brothers fought each other with weapons of light that their sister granted them. A weapons of pure light beamed in the night sky, sometimes even during the day. Twins didn’t like the new brother. They didn’t knew who he was and from where did he came from, so it was easy for the Twins to join forces and banish the third brother. The third brother showed them his weapon, a Shadow Star we named it. A lightning orb, so great it shined for two days, straight. Oh, you could not sleep from all of that light. Air went heavy and the Shadow Star baked the green color into the golden plain we live in. Shadow Star disappeared after the clash of brothers. Few days after, our wells went dry, crops perished, cattle started dying. It was horrible. That same night, brothers wept tears over the planet. A fiery comets barred out our sky as pain was too great for them to bare. – grandfather spoke panting from all of the carving he did with the twig, – Lucky for us, one of the comet that fell was holding the name of the third brother. – he added finishing his work, when I rose to see what did he wrote in the ground.

The mark said U.S.S. Arthur.


The Twins

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