Dance of Masks (Finale)


I snuck out while the presidential residence was in standby mode. I even had to set up the master computer not to raise alert when I got out the door. Luckily I had armed guards at my side so I saluted them in haste and told them not to speak of this to no one.

Unmarked car waited for me on the sidewalk where sewage mist rose to conceal me from the nosy drones. If someone would’ve seen a President getting in a suspicious car like this, media would tear me apart, but knowing that Mr. Krein owned the state, he would silence them in a record time. Alas, I’ve decided to fight back and restore order in the state, break the bonds that held me down, made me a puppet of greedy tycoons that were only focused on power. Tonight, I’ll strip them of that power.

– Let’s go. – my companion tapped the driver and car started humming into the air.

Like I did something illegal, I was tangling around waiting someone from the Krein’s ranks to stop us and bring me back, but there was nobody following us. After reaching the desired height, car went in a silence mode, turned all the lights off and transponder that was monitored by the Domestic Transportation Center.

Few hours have passed in rout and not a word was said. Finally car begun descending to the warehouse illuminated by the weak street lights. Our glasses showed the outline of rogue armed guards, independent militia I intended of hiring. Hissing of the power rods that fueled the car stopped when I dropped my foot on the ground. We moved inside and saw an empty space with light shining over the center where chairs were lined up in a circle. I was nervously panting as the sound of my steps bounced against the walls.

– Mr. President. I am honored to meet you. – a bearded man said extending his cybernetic arm to greet me.

A veteran – I thought shaking his arm. Thought to act like a puppet, I gave him the most vile grin before I took the seat. Other people approached the light, showing their faces where one of them was a businesswoman I knew previously. She was wearing a modern working suit with a stylish ribbon where she kept her hard drive. They all sat down and looked at me anticipating to hear my plan of getting my power back, so I rubbed my hands over my knees and took a breath.

– First of all, I would like to welcome you all. It is a serious amount of courage you have taken only to meet me here. I know this isn’t my usual office, and this isn’t a usual gathering. – I was speaking, when the veteran interrupted me.

– Sir, get to the point. We all know this is not an official meeting. We know about Krein and the political whores that serve under him. We also know you’ve got the balls to defy him. Tell us the plan. What do you intend to do? – man said unfazed by what was happening.

– Oh, yes. Fish stinks from the top, so if we remove him from the position he is currently in, his empire would shake and crumble. Power hungry people will start grabbing away whatever falls from there and he would not be able to get back to his former might. Assassination attempts have failed before, so we must strike him from within. He owns many people that don’t support him, so I will encourage them to take a stand and start raising noise. This will then make me investigate the charges against him, which he will try to hide. His people are everywhere, so we must be cautious not to give him proof he can run to the media with. – I spoke when veteran rose his cybernetic arm asking for a moment to speak.

– What do you need us for? – he asked, his eyebrow tilted.

– As I said, he has many people working for him. Your job is to find them and stop them from harming the workers and people with voice. Dirty cops, corrupt government officials and agents that operate in shadows are what he will use first. You must draw them to light and show them to the world. While you chase down his thugs, Elrona here will bring in the heat from the other side as his rival. Her charity fonds and organizations will start helping those that need help, while her business partners can focus on corporate espionage. It is pointless to say that I nominate her as my successor. He has no reason to lash out on her, but he will attack me with everything he has.

– It sounds like you are sacrificing yourself. – Elrona commented in a voice able to melt hearts, when I smirked at her and confirmed with my head.

– I am, and that’s the price I am willing to pay for the greater good. – I added and silence took over the room where dozen people shared the same dream of bringing down a tyrant.



Dark Warehouse

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Finally done. It wasn’t that bad. Shhh, it’s over. Easy. Breath, that’s the key… Whoa… Yup, more stories below.


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